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  1. Where it began

    The lights turned red and as I slowed to stop I noticed the corner dairy across the intersection. Looking away, I wound down my window and gazed out over the ocean to my right; it was hot under the mid day sun and breeze was refreshing. I could hear th...

  2. Forgotten

    One sunny and clear day, a gentle breeze sent wave-like ripples over the white and gold rolling plains. Alia walked with her arms outstretched, feeling the caress of tall grass beneath her fingertips and her dark eyes roamed the landscape, her gaze com...

  3. Reckoning

    The wind was fierce and the young lieutenant shifted his weight as he stood upon the narrow causeway, high above the crashing waves. An ambassador to the coming fury, a large droplet fell and splashed upon his bloodstained boots. The lieutenant’s...

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