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hmm…lets see.

well, I was on Ficlets, a site which I loved and happily wasted many hours that I probably should have been studying on.


Ok, well, I love to write short stories (obviously), Im a liberal arts major, and I openly admitt to my unhealthy shoe addiction.

….Yeah, you would want me to fix that unhealthy shoe addiction, but hey, I’m a girl. (and yes, that really is my only defense. geeez)

what else you ask?

Theres really not much more to know. umm…Audrey Hepburn is my idol, I love chapstick, i cant spell and I have horribly cheesy jokes. Like this one:

Did you hear about the man who was tap dancing?
He broke his ankle when he fell into the sink.

hahaha, I bet it made you laugh though, right? What do you mean no?
Oh I see…. that was kind of harsh! I feel like since you’re on Ficly, you’re probably pretty good with the English language and could have worded that a little nicer!

OH and feel free to send me a note about starting a series together! I would love too.



  1. Dear Abriella

    Dear Abriella, The City Below is noisy tonight, as I sit outside above it, listening. I look down upon the city like a God, yet I am treated like I am a Samael. If they think so low of me, why do they insist on putting me up so high? Maybe they believe...

  2. My Ode to the Parking Lot

    HONK people, honking will not get you anywhere. HONK honestly people, honking will NOT make cars move! HONK REALLY?! honking will do you NO good! HONK …and you still havent moved. Maybe i should honk. This is my angry honk HONK This is my “...

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