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I’m a fairly simple guy. I love poerty. I love reading it, writing it and even performing it (when the mood hits me). I’ve also dabled in the the occasional short story from time to time but as of lately I’ve lost touch with my art (due mostly to work). Recently, a good friend of mine told me about ficly and said I should try getting back into my writing with the little bit of free time I have. I plan to post original poetry, some short stories and maybe some art (but don’t quote me on the art part, haha). I welcome any and all feed back, so long as it’s honest.



  1. A Hoarder of things pt.2

    A childhood- Of scrapes and falls and parties and crushed and everything else that it represents, torn away like a bandage on a festering wound that never heals My teenage years- Friends, first-loves, smiles and screams, Remembered, though nothing tan...

  2. A Hoarder of things pt.1

    I am a hoarder of things I move mountains and battle armies, all for the sake of attaining and holding items They glitter and sparkle and shine, Giving me deep and satisfying gratification I am a hoarder of things Like a fiend of fire, I seek them out...

  3. Mo....

    I dreamt of you last night, Statuesque beauty I dreamt of you, and for the first time, in a long time, Every facet was clear… Your eyes- As blue as sapphires, Pierced the veil of perpetual darkness that typically haunts my unconscious mind Your ...

  4. It's 3A.M. and I'm... lost

    It’s the remembering that truly gets me heated. I can still see us in that tiny apartment in LH, PA. So happy, so…. unsure of the world around us. We’d go for walks with the dog, have barbeques by the river, stay up laughing at nothin...

  5. Maybes Mean Nothing

    He swallows down memories of drunken nights they shared, Attempting to sedate himself as he carves out the part of his soul she use to keep her early morning smiles and mid-day rendezvous in Maybes use to be the currency on which trips to the shore and...

  6. Oh, Goddess!!

    Lightning struck the sky so hard that it let loose an ocean On the night I conceived the notion of letting you get closer to my heart I could taste the static energy on my tongue and feel it dance between my teeth as if it was giving me a tiny glimpse ...

  7. She's Beautiful in the Rain

    She’s beautiful in the rain Drops of water trickling down her face Leaving long trails of liquid on her cheeks Making out shapes of hearts and stars as they meet each other She’s beautiful in the rain Drops of water splash upon her lips Creatin...

  8. Epic of the Sand God pt.2 (Mature)

  9. Epic of the Sand God (Mature)

  10. 4 a.m. Randomness about Messages in A Bottle

    I’d like to send a message in a bottle… Not to anyone in particular, Not even about anything particular Just a little note saying: “How are things going?” Then i’d like to meet the person that received it And have a hear...

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