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  1. Grand Cable Highway

    Ravenwood is shaped like a wheel. Not for beauty, but necessity. There are no roads in Ravenwood, only hard-packed paths with permafrost gutters. At the center of the wheel is The Hub. The Hub is a giant stone, about four feet high and fifty feet acros...

  2. Ark of the Covenant IV

    The cavern wasn’t as large as Father Kris expected. Candle-adorned chandeliers swung slowly between glowing stalactites. The chandeliers were made of human skin and ligament; the candles of human earwax. Father Kris moved forward with his one hun...

  3. Ark of the Covenant II

    The great boring machine ground to a halt. Seismic sonars detected a vast cavern beyond the mantle. Father Kris examined the readings, slowly passing his rosary through his holy fingers. Twenty years ago evidence that hell existed became known to the w...

  4. Employee Handbook

    Schneider excelled in customer relations. he felt he manipulated it tactfully; leaving the customer believing they’d made the choice, all-the-while the choice had already been made for them. People often think atrocities are forced upon them. In ...

  5. John Connaught Takes a Sip

    John pondered his own image through the shelves of colorful bottles; this is the closest he’ll ever get to being in a church. In the reflection, he watched the soulless hotel staff, their smiles all greased up and mechanically ready, greet strang...

  6. 69 Minutes

    M oist A che K iss I gnite N eck G roan L ips O ral V isceral E motion I ntimate N ether T aste H ot E ntwine A we F un T ender E rupt R elease N aked O pen O rgasm N ap

  7. When In Kuln

    As we both sat and watched boats float by, on the Rhine, we mused of how we met. I sat in front of a beer in Koln, when a scarf brushed my cheek. My gaze found her, shy and sweet. ‘At what cost’ I thought, ‘might I try to know her?...

  8. Icy Pride

    “All aboard!” Bowing, I grace the deck. Chiffons of the rich blow in the breeze. Denied that I exist, I race off to find my place. Evening comes soon, a morbid buffet appears. First the pigeon, then I lurch to the deck. Green is my face, after ...

  9. Salted Wounds

    The twinkle in her eyes was bright enough for ships to find their way home. All the men wanted her, but carnal wasn’t the emotion. It was love; offspring, gardens, land-based jobs. She was regal without trying. In fact, she didn’t care abou...

  10. Silent War

    It really was a mess. No more Haves or Have-Nots. All societies and its peoples were razed of social comforts normally held in place by rules, agreements and laws. Mayhem. That was the name they gave to the evil force that unleashed its wrath. Fluitis ...

  11. Out of the Wind: Downtrodden

    From the basement, my ears strain to make sense of the apithopter crew’s intentions. My tightly focused hearing fails to notice foot crunches over snow above. I hear a life running across icy-covered floorboards, skidding around nail infested hol...

  12. Grease Burns

    The two sisters, the older Irene and her younger sister Viv, slid into the kitchen’s dining nook. Viv’s souffle forgivingly fell halfway. She could stay. “Your home seems bare, except for the kitchen. There’s a desk, a wall of b...

  13. Hot Mess

    Irene, fully charged butcher knives in hand, leaped from a silent prowl towards her sister Viv. But Viv faked left and Irene landed in the hall, her knives arcing against the carpet, burning it through. Irene, anticipating a from-behind assault, double...

  14. Recipe For Disaster

    Irene stood on her threshold pointing a shock pistol directly at Viv’s temple. “What are you doing here, breaking into my house” Irene whispered into Viv’s ear. “You realize, if I pull this trigger your brains turn to pudd...

  15. Go Around

    Aaron sits cross-legged in the center of a utilitarian merry-go-round. He’d returned to his elementary school, years later, in a depressive state. It had all gone wrong, from birth to sixteen. He hadn’t seen much of the world in general, bu...

  16. Sojourn

    Clemens, Ella and Horace stumbled thirsty and skin-cracked over a dry riverbed. Somehow, in the moonless night Horace saw a glint off water. Thirst drove the three to follow the wet thread up a scree covered embankment. As they climbed, the rivulet led...

  17. Time for Truth

    With her long waxy nail, gnarled like knotted oak, Regalia the gypsy scratched the surface of Horace’s rare glowing artifacts; a pair of brass knuckles. Ella and Clemens looked at each other sideways, not too sure what was about to happen. Clemen...

  18. Sucker Punched

    The gypsy’s hand tripped her wagon’s door latch. Heady scents of rare teas, spices, incense and exotic oils snaked down around the self guarded trio, relaxing them into a vulnerable stupor. “My name is Regalia, I mean you no harm. Com...

  19. Freeform 7:23p-7:29p, 11/13/2013

    If you see me holding my throat tight, as if I’m choking, I’m not, so sit down and relax. You see, I’m afraid and I’m trying to stop my heart from leaping out of my mouth. What’s the strangest thing you’ve swallowed?...

  20. Freeform 2:57p-3:03p 11/9/2013

    I don’t go to bed because I’m tired, I go to bed because I’m bored. I hear movement outside, steel and rubber racing to find their children. School’s out. I hear movement next door, a sign of life, beating hearts I’ve live...

  21. Experience Agents: Prologue

    ‘The proof is in the pudding’. No one knows the origin of this piece of wisdom, but is the driving force behind the life and death chances and risks Experience Agents take to earn life. Few succeed. One inbred family controls a large portio...

  22. UNbound

    I turn away from me Back to back Not on track My dreams in a sack Courage I lack North, I tack Once there were three I, myself, me Now set free To wander yonder To wonder about thunder If we each walk far enough From place to place Maybe ten years Ma...

  23. Right as R.A.I.N

    Ms. Sweet, send Mr. Ruehl into my office “Mr. Ruehl, Mr. Jacobs will see you now.” Felix stands, grabs his pack and follows the receptionist’s pointing finger. “There, third door on the left. Good luck!” Good luck! still e...

  24. A Quick Snack

    Razormouth lays in wait, hungry and thirsting for blood. An hour ago his dull incisors and molars didn’t dispatch his last victim quickly, causing too much chaos. Spit glands flood his craw, oiling his dark maw. His iron jaws, moist with lubrican...

  25. Pee Monster

    Nobody was allowed to get up in the middle of the night to pee or else they might be hunted. The creature lived under Jacob’s bed, the farthest bed from the door. For those who occupied the beds nearest the door, and who were fleet footed, they m...

  26. Freeform 9:56-10:02

    If I could, I would point a finger at myself. Then you. Then everyone. Then at the sky. Maybe I might even spin around as fast as I can, pointing at everything else. I could take a walk. I might try to balance on all things possible; on my mother’...

  27. It's 2 a.m. (Mature)

  28. The Gods Are Restless

    There was once many worlds. One world decided it wanted to be One. First, they built Elemental Machines, then they buried the universe’s Four Natural Gods on Earth. Earth is like Australia, an island for prisoners. Here, the Naturals are buried a...

  29. I Will Do My Best To Use Resources Wisely

    It all started with the badges. Those damn badges. Truth be told, it was hard work earning them. But still, the competition was ruthless and bloody. It didn’t have to be bloody, at least if they’d stayed in the nice neighborhoods. But this ...

  30. Door Prize

    Edmund almost killed it. It was sitting on his front stoop and he, with his three hundred pounds, would’ve killed it if it hadn’t wriggled. Instead, he screamed. His roommate Jonathan was on the scene first. He nudged the burlap with his fr...

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