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  1. Conversation: On the Rocks

    “It was Bode’s idea to shoot one of the turtles!” “See, we’re sitting in this empty pool. Around its perimeter are bronze turtle fountains. For no explicable reason, Bode pulls out this gun, screams “Run!” and blas...

  2. Alabaster Ray

    “Virginia! Get me my walkin’ petunias!” Alabaster Ray grabbed the small bouquet from his sister and set off down the clean side of the street. The other hand, it’s skin soaked in cocoa butter and dusted in talcum powder, gently ...

  3. Dandy

    “Virginia! Get me my walkin’ petunias!” Alabaster Ray grabbed the small bouquet from his sister and set off down the clean side of the street. In the other hand, it’s skin soaked in cocoa butter and dusted in talcum powder, gent...

  4. Washed Ashore

    He’d been searching for her for weeks, a timid frail creature, nineteen, lonely, afraid, helpless, lost in a world of dirt, oil, grease and choking noise; and there she was, leaning against a frozen brick wall, warming herself with her last match...

  5. Patchworked

    “Scissors, fetch me another bolt of whipcord, my knees are locked up again.” Scissors, Madella’s assistant, pulled himself up off his cozy pallet and timidly made his way across the splintered floor to the heaping rag pile in a corner...

  6. Lone Hunter

    IT, was in all the papers, loved ones found dead. Whoever it was, they were strong enough to break their victim’s bones. BODIES, had been found murdered, all in the same area. Nothing was more disturbing about the scenes than the level of anger t...

  7. Bird's Eye View

    The lights in the slaughter house had been flickering off and on for a few weeks. This was on purpose., they’d been rewired to malfunction. Byrd prepared for his task. Cows still mooed as they swung by on hooks, paper tags on their ears, dripping...

  8. The Picnic

    I never thought four hours spent on a red and white checkerboard blanket, with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches oozing out onto paper plates, would be the day I would fall in love. Call it kismet, mother nature, or Puck just having a bit of fun, toyi...

  9. Lands Edge: Book One In the Evolution Saga

    Floating in cool water, Stewie tried to alleviate the reddish lumps on his sides. He ‘d lied, telling those who’d noticed, that he’d crawled among poisonous greenery. But the stubs grew, achingly, bursting through his skin, screaming ...

  10. The Mechanic's New Bride - #5 in the Oiled Heart Saga (Mature)

  11. Something Smells Fishy (Mature)

  12. Sarah Breedlove Takes A Bow

    Sarah Breedlove dropped her mug of tea. It splintered, the teabag set free. She’d done it. The simulation worked perfectly. Using her knowledge of lifting tackle, pulleys specifically, she invented rapid space travel. Her force diagrams were simp...

  13. Pollywogs and Whales

    Captain Ferris scratched is ass with one hand and drank his coffee with the other. He’d just implemented his first order. Code, Man In Motion. With his crew in a state of healthy anxiety, they watched as their scientists ejected from the rib cage...

  14. Waking Up

    Growing old is a bitch. It’s the waking up. You wake up in parts, never jumping out of bed with all systems go. It’s more like a pull-start motor, including the noxious fumes. Yes, going to bed is also known as “retiring”, not a...

  15. On Parade (Mature)

  16. Sifting Through Life (Mature)

  17. Special Order (Mature)

  18. Solved

    What do you do when a van-full of people who suffer from panic attacks all want to ride in front seat? Ask, “Who wants to ride shotgun!”

  19. Test Pattern

    Still half asleep, he stood up relieved. His leather chair made that sound, like a balloon being rubbed in a long tunnel. Leather chairs suffocate when you sit in them. As the cushions filled up with life, he was halfway down the hall, running his fing...

  20. Pinata

    Two a.m. on the dance floor and he wanted to go. It was too loud, the lights and noises. But she kept recognizing famous faces, none he’d ever seen, but he took her word for it. Three a.m. just when he was ready to make a stand, she pulled his mo...

  21. Tripping

    Last thing I remember, I was masturbating in the middle of a cornfield. Surrounded by corn of course, for you city dwellers. You know the life you live is casual when you can find privacy out in the wide open. Maybe that’s how they found me. They...

  22. Deleted. J

    I just deleted a couple stories on Ficly. I’ve done it before. The stories received multiple positive comments. Most had five stars. But that one negative, the one that turns a good story into the worst I’ve ever written. Why do I put impor...

  23. Mack & Cheese

    Clair stared at her list. It contained items she would need to make Mack, her husband, mac and cheese. Reading it, she got lost in the memories of Mack serving her his mac and cheese. He was very proud of it. So much so, she let him have this one dish....

  24. Losing Weight

    Erica Jong, Erica Jong, please return to baggage claim. Erica Jong to baggage claim That was the last time Erica could remember her name being used while she was a free person. It’s the same old story: Handsome foreigner. Great sex. “Will y...

  25. Wrong Turn

    “I want to stop. Let’s pull over.” “Why?” “I feel we’re going in the wrong direction.” “James, we all came to an agreement. We agreed to find our new settlement in a warmer climate. But, as you know...

  26. Someone Challenge Me!

    Hey! This is the best way I know how to get the message out there… Create some challenges! I’ve entered one challenge 3 times. If you can’t think of one, select >challenges > more challenges, there are some great ones from long ...

  27. And the Winner is....Sammy!

    “Ryan, what are you doing?” “Nothing.” “We’ve talked about this, that’s not an appropriate answer. Remember your grandmother insisting you answer her in full sentences? Nothing is the same thing. There’s ...

  28. Small Business Performance with Cloud Hosting Se

    We are barely surviving in the past of slave-run services. Every day with each day’s passing hour they are denied use of toilet facilities, breaks, family and any shred of dignity. We have never approached the threshold of a technical world. We u...

  29. Counting on Salva

    “Notate Salva’s reaction. Is it the same at one hundred and seventeen? Ten thousand one hundred and one?” “No, much worse. She’s taken on the roll of Rescuer. Let’s move on to the next window, see how Myrka is doing....

  30. Weapons Training Guide

    I am the daughter of a society on Mars. We live in isolation, fighting our way out of this dark hole, void of Earth’s poetic technology, such as firepower based on philosophy and metaphysics. Starships sail near. When we see them in space, we sen...

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