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  1. Wanted: Dead or Dead

    Dark knots formed in Ricky’s bowels. The contents of his bladder curdled and lurched. Ten minutes earlier, he’d been sent up to get ready for bed. He’d just slipped into his pajamas when it all went terribly wrong. It started with a B...

  2. Hot Pockets!

    Ralph’s mental erection immediately deflated. At the entrance to the square, a man selling pocket alarms. The alarms worked like a hand buzzer, some either sprayed blue ink or worse, sent a shock that even Mila couldn’t hold back a surprise...

  3. Halsey's Dilemma

    Halsey sat next to the school bus waiting for the sun to set. It was just too hot to walk into town. He’d already waited five hours, a few more was no problem. Cy slowed on his motorcycle offering Hal a ride. Not wanting to appear weak by holding...

  4. Yellow Butterflies and Pink Hummingbirds

    The 911 call for help came in early through a weird winter windstorm. A crash of ‘breaking glass and screams landing on hardwood’ had been artfully described. Rounding the back of the house the officer noticed that all curtains were tightly...

  5. A Speedy Trial

    “Speed dating. Win some lose some. Ever married?” “Yes. Twice.” “I keep in touch with my ex wife. We get along fine.” “I just found out my first husband is dying. I haven’t seen him for over thirty five y...

  6. Mirrored

    Mark carefully moved the Sunday paper to the left, to get a quick glimpse of his wife as she pondered herself in her vanity mirror. He knew exactly what she was thinking. I’m broken. I’ll never have a child. what good am I, all things she&#...

  7. Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

    Sarah Finkler set the basin of warm water on the porch under safe sunlight. Sarah’s two year old son, covered in snot and dust, had crawled into the front yard chasing after baby chicks. Stripping the child naked like she was skinning a rabbit, s...

  8. For Reaver19

    Mom, it’s Zach. I’m in line for my Prozac. I hear voices through Muzak. Maybe it’s the crack. It’s Mother’s Day, I’ll pick you up a big mac.

  9. Tranny Fight Club

    My name is Gloss, better known as The Transvestite Ninja. I walk dirty, looking for trouble. I was born a Transvestite, intersex really, sexual assignment being outlawed a year before my birth. My ambiguity allows me to fight in all pits. I’m rar...

  10. Yeast of Eaten

    “Stand back Pop and Fresh, your breath smells like a yeast infection. What are you anyway?” The white half-baked glob of snottiness oozed back a little. “I used to be a Ginger Bread Man. I was the king of my castle, a huge palace of g...

  11. Of Might and Magic

    The two lay together at the bottom of a dry well, hidden and forgotten, far away from the castle’s eye. They discovered this place as young boys forced into a relationship, one a royal, the other his servant. Curled up in a nest of dried grasses,...

  12. Club Pele

    “What’s your name?” “Pop-n-Fresh.” “You own a bakery? I luuuuve bear claws!” “Silly! No! I’m a big fat pasty-white heavenly mess. Isn’t it obvious?” “Well….you do look kind o...

  13. Oh, Shell's Bells!

    “Hey! You! You got glitter on my peanut shells. And you got no shoes! No Shoes, No Service, read the damn sign!” Something hit me in the side of my head. I spun around on a floor covered in discarded shells, the remaining glitter orbiting o...

  14. Archivist Rising (or Star Trek IV Rewrite)

    A massive Anchor Retrieval Vessel slowly melted into the Great Braid of Von-Rah-6. It was sent to retrieve the freighter Colossus’ osmium anchor that somehow became entangled among Von-Rah-6’s molten salt volcanoes. Captain Tse planned on h...

  15. Little Lives (Mature)

  16. Ceramic Dreams

    In a coffee house where the local garage band plays on Wednesday nights- -Leah blurts out that she’s changed her major. Again. Her best friend Lolo, the one she’s counted on for insignificant support, the kind Leah likes, stroked her and to...

  17. Life Lesson

    Life. Less. On. Always have a deep inkwell, never a shallow one. You can write with anything, an elephant’s trunk or a wished-upon lash, or in the sand with a stick you just killed something with. Maybe some poo, or any kind of goo, even glue. Sw...

  18. Pruned

    Marian crossed her arms hard, her purse slamming against her thigh. “I’m not going in there, not with two dead bushes on either side of the door. How disgusting and unwelcoming is that?” Merle agreed to some extent, but this was the a...

  19. Listen Up, Gus

    Listen up buttercup, my little pup: Don’t listen down, all you will hear is the shout to choose a different route. Listen up, and you will hear a clarinet alongside a dancing marionette. Don’t listen down, you’ll miss the sight of the...

  20. Unleft Alone

    Wait, there’s another light, at the far end of the battlefield, a waving life! I’m not alone— New message…I’m Kiera, I have supplies.

  21. Sick Twit

    A day away from no pay. Snot, fever, a violent sneezer, butt spew, eyes full o goo, don’t call me, I’ll call you, I’ve got the flu. Achoo!

  22. Of Self Resurrection & Shadowy Pasts

    A blistering wind buffeted my parchment duster as I stood on the icy bridge of Lost and Found, watching rail cars rip by. I had just disembarked from a dangerous train, it’s locomotives powered by dragon hearts thumping onomatopoeia! onomatopoeia...

  23. 0.0000003

    Boarding the orbital mining freighter Irian Jaya, Captain Nordstrom slid his reader card into the alien ship’s mainframe. While the 50 terabyte card transmuted the craft’s breathing cargo, he questioned the bosun’s mate. “Your w...

  24. Three-Ringed Heaven

    Sasha, our poodle, was in heat again, the magical word puppies flew in shouts between my mother and father. I remember thinking I had just learned where puppies came from, by heating a dog up. and thinking I might have to try it, in the near future of ...

  25. A Cloudy Infection: Book 65 in the Larder Keepers QuintTrilogy

    “Epi, what is this ingredient. It’s sweet & bitter, like a brown moon, or acid & caramel. It makes my tongue…mmm…flutter, like I’m holding a baby Hira in my mouth, it’s feathers and frightened heart beating a...

  26. Moonbow

    This planet’s minerals revolted a million lifetimes ago, growing aqueous bindings and taking to the wet air. Mercury rain shimmers in the moonlight, a rainbow of steel harp strings, with the wind caressing and singing a darkly lullaby. There are ...

  27. Slay Bells

    Against a pallid sky stands a tall tower of polished concrete the color of liquid fog. It’s tall, like a man among sand, with an opening at its top, like four mouths feeding off of North, South, East and West. Inside hangs a giant uvula, static a...

  28. Rotting Ice Cream

    I’m a forgotten white beast with a gleaming latch. People used to open my huge stomach flap, letting it dangle wide. I had only one purpose, to slow the time of rot, to stay the fetid hand, to separate their warm world from my cold one. Some crac...

  29. Scarlett Heartwell

    Scarlett Heartwell stood solid and strong, her gaze piercing through the evening drizzle. Two human creatures stood seven floors below, plotting some unsuspecting citizen’s evening. Scarlett was contacted by one of their victims. Apparently these...

  30. Into the Woods

    Blood seeps into night’s vapor; a howling curls around the moon.

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