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Accidental Rob is a husband, dad of 2, gamer, podcaster and casual writer (my sister’s the one with that talent). He is also known in certain circles as;

Lord-Governor Wavering Particle, Master of the Levitating Bun and Seneschal to the King of Shimmering Curtains.

I like to write science fiction and fantasy, mainly. I have a secret love for steampunk and superheroes, but also ninjas and super-spies. One day I shall endeavour to write a story containing all four.


  1. Robbery at Dringer's Part 2

    They wore masks – hard things with shaded visors. Neil Seeley recognized them as paint-ball masks, but the pistols they held were real and deadly. One of them used their weapon to smash a glass case near the door, the exclamation point on his rec...

  2. Robbery at Dringer's

    Dringer’s Jewelers was a city landmark. At the corner of Weber and King Streets, its white facade gleamed in the daylight and glowed in the streetlight. Frank Dringer ran the place, and to some it seemed as though Frank had been there since the b...

  3. Ultima Project: On The Road

    The bus ticket used a good portion of the c-note, a bite to eat from Timmy’s and some time in a coin-op shower at the bus station used some more. By the time Kendra was on the Greyhound, she had around 15 dollars left in her pocket. The bus was n...

  4. Mathias the Assassin

    “You know where the word assassin came from, right?” Mathias asked, lighting a smoke. “A group of Persian militants would get high on hashish before going out and killing their enemies. They were called hashashin.” The listener,...

  5. Page 27

    27 Sliding the cabinet aside, you notice that there is a hole in the wall. You need to duck to get inside. Instead of leading into the neighboring room, you find that it leads down a long, rough-hewn tunnel on an ever-increasing downward slope. Suddenl...

  6. Calamity and Colorado

    As the last puff of life drifted from the hunk of metal that had been a Firebeetle Automaton mark IV, William “Wild Bill” Hickok holstered the ColtCo pistol and nodded at the wreckage. “It’ll take more than a giant fire-breathin...

  7. The Ultima Project: Race

    Stomb’s eyes squeezed shut and he cursed silently. Composing himself, he tried to sound calm. “Kendra? Kendra Kurtz?” he said. “Don’t be an idiot,” Damien’s voice came in tinny over the phone. “Of course,...

  8. Aces & Eights

    Bill stepped out of Nuttal & Mann’s saloon and looked both ways down the street. The camp looked abandoned. Camp, who was he kidding? Deadwood had become a town. There was movement to his right, but it was just some townies trying to get a be...

  9. And No Hope

    “Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!” Aside from the mystery voice on my helmet’s speakers, my cockpit filled with the blaring of alarms, tinny and raucous to the point that my ears began to pain me. The void of space was blas...

  10. Canada Day

    Captain Lance Spender stepped out of the LAV and on to solid ground. He would never admit it to anybody, but he hated those damned hover-cars, despite how totally awesome everyone else thought they were. These days, everything hovered. Hell, his bloody...

  11. ...and two stout men to work the bellows.

    Waves lapped up against the wooden bow of the sloop Lucky Doris, the flagship of the Lobstermen’s Association. The vessel was small and fast, perfect for salvage work amongst the many rocks and shoals of the Serpent’s Teeth. With the anchor...

  12. Dreaming Through Time

    We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams. However, every once in a while a child is born who’s memories and dreams actually do take them forward and back th...

  13. An Eye for an Eye (Mature)

  14. Captain Linder's Milkshake

    Gerhard Linder, captain of the type VIIC unterwasserboot U-579, peered through the periscope at a stream of allied ships. “Mein milchshake holt alle jungen zum yard,” he whispered, referring to the maneuver he used to pull enemy vessels wit...

  15. Meanwhile…

    People cheered as a swirl of pencils spiraled around the costumed woman on stage. The pencils spun, lined up in a row in mid-air, and then speared themselves into a watermelon set nearby on a small table. As the cheering died off, the woman stepped up ...

  16. nineteen eighty-five (Mature)

  17. Relative Particle Transference Controller

    “Awful?” said a newcomer. “Wasn’t he thrown off a balcony for giving Mister Mayhem’s wife a foot massage?” Baron Quandry and Magnificus looked up to see Professor Anthrax standing at the doorway to the cell, which st...

  18. Getting Had

    Green retreated into another room, but from his footsteps I could tell he hadn’t gone far. Sarah twitched as I knelt down next to her. The scalpel gleamed in the room’s dim light and I inspected it’s edge – more out of habit tha...

  19. Veyron Vindication

    His head swam and flashes of light and shadow played behind his eyelids when he blinked. Whatever the poison was, he knew his end would be quick, but far from painless. Crashing over a discarded grocery cart at the end of the wide alley, he spilled int...

  20. the blood stone

    In other circles the tall man was known as Diaco Lastreses, Lord of Cordovia and famed duelist. Two weeks ago you would have found him sitting in a sun-drenched café in Palma de Mallorca, sipping wine and trying to decide which one of the young women ...

  21. Infamous

    The steel door burst open, allowing the metallic scent of the wet city into the corridor. Struggling forward into the night, Andrew lost his balance, smacked his shoulder on the door frame, tripped over something on the concrete stoop and went face fir...

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