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Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: abbywall2440@gmail.com in case anyone wants to keep in touch!


  1. Tike Nurner

    Skinny, soft-skinned insect In a field of plague-browned green. Brilliant eyes of bright green-blue - A smile that’s rarely seen. The buzz of mowers, loud machines Shake the sweating dirt. Already skinny, soft-skinned insects Shiver in their hurt...

  2. Happy Days

    Distractions were bright red back in the days When trees were green, and rain fell in torrents: Crystal-grey sheets, swathes of iridescence That coated the world with sugary sunlight. Happy days when memories meant nothing Because they were already for...

  3. Amir...

    Dear, Amir… We’ve been reading ‘The Kite Runner’ in English class, and it’s kind of awkward for me. I was twelve when I found out my friend had been raped. So we’re not that much different you see? And my name begin...

  4. Blood

    I cut a chunk of flesh out of My arm the other day. It hurt a little, bled a lot Then softly crept away Into a weeping, empty pit Of nothing but despair - A sacred jewel of pearly pink, An eye alone to stare. I thought that I would check how sharp My s...

  5. Fairy-Lights

    There were fairy-lights wrapped around her bed frame. Well they weren’t fairy-lights really. They were last year’s Christmas tree lights but they created the desired glow: circles of shadow and sparkle on the swirling lilac walls. Her pillo...

  6. Rambling Again

    Another drunken fumbling piece of pointless words, all stitched together in a row like paper dolls, linked by thick set arms. Stuck together – all unwilling- Ripping themselves apart. And I swear to God I’d sleep tonight If you weren’...

  7. Opposite Islands (Mature)

  8. Dear School, (Blown Over)

    How do I feel? Well…untrusted, Unsupported Unknown - Blown Over. Lack of cover. Hidden, Bidden To your will. Still… Better that Than dead Right, head? I feel… Like steel; Cold, blank Now I’ll Be frank. I’ve sank Lower T...

  9. Lost Again (Mature)

  10. Beautiful Addiction

    Effervescent brilliance and the Innocence of a brain half gone, Half lost to beautiful imaginings Beyond the heart of any mortal In a world where angels dream. The lights shine in blinding perfection; Yellow, purple – green in the night. A bud of...

  11. A Contract

    Yet still there was blood on her hands – black blood all dark and thick and shimmering in the soft light of the moon. Then it was nothing but a shadow, misinterpreted by her guilty eyes. Then…nothing but soft pale skin as a cloud distracted...

  12. 4) The Conquered Few

    “I’m a soldier," insisted Ewan, with quiet dominance. "Not a leader.” But they were both well aware that that was a complete lie. Ewan was talented in manipulating anyone and everyone he met. Leo would have liked a man like him by h...

  13. 3) The Conquered Few

    “When did you get so deep?” chuckled Leo. Ewan shrugged. In his mind it was better to preserve anger for your enemies than to use it up on your friends. But anger was another rare emotion on planet Earth those days. There was only hunger left. “I...

  14. 2) The Conquered Few

    “Bored?” Leo suggested, quietly. Ewan shrugged and stared straight ahead at the wall right next to his friend’s head- murky cream. It was, he supposed, at least a little bit better than grey. Leo leaned forward and picked up the fallen book. ...

  15. The Conquered Few

    There are three simple facts that you should know about this world. 1)There is no such thing as good. 2)Somewhere in every living, breathing soul lies a corner of perfect darkness. 3)In between order and chaos is a grey area where there are no rules. E...

  16. Good Luck, dear November

    Good luck, dear November, I know that you’re ashamed Of humanity’s cold weaknesses that gave you your great name. I know you shiver at the sound of gunfire and of bombs. I know you hate the fireworks that symbolise your fame. Good luck, dea...

  17. Red

    I write in rosy red tonight: In bloody, rosy red. As red as any sunrise Over any bridal bed. I write on plain white paper: In perfect, shineless white. As white as every snowflake Through any brilliant light. I pour my heart out love, dear love. Though...

  18. Religious Rant

    Find true joy!? More like escape. Try to fit inside A shape… You’ve never tried, Never died, Never thought through Suicide! Never cut; Down in a rut When every door Is firmly shut. Or drank too much, Drank just to drink. Just to end The way...

  19. Dear Multiple Personality...

    Hallo head. It’s Been awhile since Logic gave us Right to smile. And in the dark Of all our pasts We’ve always lived Here – like outcasts. Like this, I think With hopeful pain, and Sweet affection For the rain. A heart that changes ...

  20. A Rainbow of Similes

    I’m damaged as a dish at an antique’s fair. All bruised like a banana, or an orange, or a pear. Cut up like a carrot – sliced and diced beyond repair. Unwanted as an umbrella with an ugly tear. I’m broken as a bottle on a Saturd...

  21. Repeat Offence

    I always end up back here; Drinking wine Out of a fine china mug. As though the repetition Could numb my pain. Even in the sunshine I find a way to hurt. But that’s just me - Down in the dirt. With my bag of troubles And my little purse of joy. M...

  22. Questions?

    If Cupid was a crocodile Would he cry for me and you? Or would his eyes And promised lies Be left alone to stew? If Mars was just a rabbit Would he weep for widespread war? Or would he wait With lingering hate To open wounds still sore? If Obama was a...

  23. Teenage Discovery (self)

    How…stereotypical. Poem. Not prose. I am…a writer, not a fighter But I don’t bleed ink. (Least – I don’t think I do) Never tried…she lied. I am…an artist (rhyme’s the hardest) Yet I hate the light. That&#...

  24. Smellington City

    It was something in the water… At least, that’s what Langley said. Not that that particular file would ever be released to the general public. It had been in danger during the Wikileaks scandal, but good men had given their lives to keep th...

  25. An Unlikely Alliance

    “No, no, no!” Tetranosaurus shook his scaly head, flicking the chip of wood gently with his sharpest fingernail. “You’re holding it wong, Ted. Clathp the hilt further up in your paw.” “What? Like this?” Ted adj...

  26. Blow-up World

    Darkness. Almost silence but for an ethereal, electrical fizzing left on the air where shards had shattered light with their sharpness. It rains glass; showers sparkling fragments of powder across the room like a storm of confetti. Energy pulses and bu...

  27. Schizophrenic Statement of Frigid-ity

    We apologise, in advance, If we reserve the right to dance Until such time as we can know You’ll catch us if we boogie low. And if events, unknown thus far, To you, cause us to hit the bar When limboing through daily days Then please forgive our ...

  28. October Illness

    Stuck in the light of a red paper box Made of terrors and errors and sharp shattered glass, Locked in dingy distress behind old crystal locks While a mobile of keys shimmers; brightest of brass. Thickest of air like a soup, like a steam. Thickest, and ...

  29. A New Year

    A New Year. A New Start. The sweet scent of a raspberry-pink candle washes over me. And the peace of a dark room envelopes me in its warm embrace. Somewhere nearby water is running. Softly, gently, almost not noticeably trickling beneath the pitter-pat...

  30. Dolphins (repost)

    Strange isn’t it? How the world works, In trips and stumbles, jogs and jerks. Things you expect with joy or dread, Never land upon your head. However possible. My friend and I climbed on the rocks, In worn down shoes and tattered socks. And, though w...

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