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Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: abbywall2440@gmail.com in case anyone wants to keep in touch!


  1. Ficly, Ficly

    We hold so dear, Every word sweet and clear. Challenges, comments, community too, Are all reasons why we love you.

  2. I'm sorry...

    kiss _______________________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Freakily Fabulous Ficly

    Ficly isn’t an “it.” Ficly is a “we.” Together, as a community and with those wonderful words that pour like oil from our pens and lips, we are ficly. Sure, it’s a site and a page. But we all know it to be so much mo...

  4. Wake up call

    We all get wake up calls. But they fade like the worn, old alarm clocks that they are. Brrrrrriiiiiinnnngggg Tuesday mornings are as blue as the sky. The bitterly sweet coffee scent drifts through the busy air like a creamy brown ghost. Last Tuesday I ...

  5. Why do I hurt?

    I see a picture on the screen. And it is beautiful. But it isn’t real. Not for me. Why should it be dutiful? I cannot hear the waves. I cannot feel the breeze. I cannot see the blueness, Of cold, returning seas. I want to watch the sunset, Over a...

  6. Suicide Note

    Dear Life Livers, I wish that I am lying when I say that this doesn’t come straight from the heart. But I won’t. Because I don’t want to. It’s because of that look you gave me today. It was hate: so pure and boiling that I could...

  7. May the Fourth be With You (May 4th)

    For once, we do not tremble as we enter the gym and see the familiar rows of single desks and single chairs. It’s been too short a time since the last time we were there for it to affect us. The freezing, but strangely musty, atmosphere clings to...

  8. I Returned...

    Today I returned, To a well walked road. Where the tarmac is rougher than before. And the sun beats down, Hotter. Today I returned, To a beach well watched. Where the sea’s soft touch isn’t soft any more, And the sand isn’t smooth but...

  9. A Photo Album Day

    A photo album morning, Is full of sunrises, And smiles. And family members happy in a glow of sea and sky. Painted houses and faces, Basking in love. A photo album midday, Is the picture perfect peak. Golden sands, And shaking grasses in the soft winds...

  10. The only true Monsters...

    In this world, the only real monsters are those in the hearts of men. So thought Mirk. No! So knew Mirk. He had seen his father hanged for witchcraft and he had seen his mother tortured until she screamed for her son to be put in her place instead and ...

  11. Dolphins (for Heather =D)

    Strange isn’t it? How the world works, In trips and stumbles, jogs and jerks. Things you expect with joy or dread, Never land upon your head. However possible. My friend and I climbed on the rocks, In worn down shoes and tattered socks. And, tho...

  12. Dear Ficly

    Dear Ficly, I’ve only just come back to this site. I saw this challenge and thought it would be easy. After all, I’ve written about the holocaust before. It was late at night and my mind was truly tired so I decided to look for some inspira...

  13. Leakage!

    The water poured in. Foam frothed and gushed through the tiny holes that studded the smooth, wooden wall. Outside, the storm raged. The rain lashed against the tar roof and the water trickles began to join the fallen, mucky water inside the boat. Persi...

  14. The True Answer (Mature)

  15. Suicide...

    This is the Theme of Tears. The sun rises. The grass glistens with the spring time dew. And in the air, the still silence of solemnity rings. Cold across the distant dawn where whispers sing. And the sea rocks and cries. It cries to the crosses. And to...

  16. Suspicious?

    “Cherie!” Dean was running after her now, and he knew that he was going too far. She continued to walk away from him. Her long brown hair bounced intoxicatingly about her shoulders. “We have a crime scene to attend, Dean. This isnR...

  17. The Dead who do not Die

    So cold. So dark. So full of mist. The body will be here soon. It will come from the fog, the same way it left two days ago but this time it’s dead for sure. Not just half dead. And I have to take care of it. The tomb is made. A deep hole in rock...

  18. Smiles and Tears

    Smiles. Tears. Hopes. Fears. Make. Life. (character limit grr) <—— ignore!!!

  19. A compilation of weird thoughts!

    If only I could sit. If only I could sit and watch. If only I could sit and watch the wonderful world. If only I could sit and watch the wonderful world go around. If only I could sit and watch the wonderful world go around through these frost sprinkle...

  20. 15 words part 12

    She was the one. He knew suddenly that she was the one to change. Everything.

  21. Officially don't wanna live anymore

    Weird, I’m in pieces, But I’m not broken, not yet, Just falling apart! It was a dull day outside with the naked trees so black against the wolf grey sky. No noise, no colour, nothing to wake me from a depressed stupour. “I wanted to s...

  22. Reunion

    We had all agreed to meet up. Twenty years ago when we were just kids we had decided to find each other later in life and be the old gang again. We would discuss how many of our life goals had been achieved. But Sam had died five months before, and non...

  23. Running!

    I’m running nowhere, going nowhere, Just running. Letting my pointless anger feed me like a strange, unknown energy. Just running. Not running away from anything, or anyone specifically. Just running. Something tells me it’s a chance to esc...

  24. Love Makes the World go Around:

    It seems so strange. Sitting with my back to a graffited wall with no money in my pockets, no shoes on my feet and definitely no food in my stomach, I can only wonder at the world. Money makes the world go round? Really? If that was true – I woul...

  25. Two Girls against the World

    Nyci dragged herself across the cold, hard ground towards Juno. Her legs were cut and bruised, tied tightly, and her eyes were red. “Juno, are you all right?” “Yes,” smiled Juno. She pushed herself upright and gathered her skirt...

  26. Old Violin

    Strings missing, wood worn, You lie on a bed of musk blue velvet, A thin layer of dust between you and the world. A membrane of forgotten songs. Scratched wood and unvarnished surface, Your quavering tone is diminished, As the wind shakes your spindly ...

  27. The End of an Explanation

    Abby bowed at the wise man’s feet, daring not look at his mighty face. “Novice Writer, stand!” another said. Yet another voice pierced Abby’s flattened ears. “What brings you to this place. This holy shrine of all things F...

  28. The Beginning of an Explanation

    It was quite late when Abby realised that ficly was down. It was around the same time that she realised two of her toads were missing from the tank at the bottom of her bed. She quickly threw the lid off the tank and stuck her head inside, poking aroun...

  29. Misty Morning

    The fog clung to the snow as though it was unwilling to be parted from the icy embrace. “That’s weird.” Mike said. “What?” “Snow and mist at the same time.” “Yeah…” “At dawn.” R...

  30. Love letter lyric

    “I belong with you.” “Falling away with you.” You are my “guiding light”, You are “starlight.” Now I’m “feeling good” because “You plug in baby”. I “need you now.&...

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