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Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: abbywall2440@gmail.com in case anyone wants to keep in touch!


  1. Weirdness?

    This is weird. The cold icy bitterness that welcomes a robin on the crispest of mornings. A slice of nicely buttered toast. Chocolate. Mmm. Christmas presents.

  2. The Beauty of Killing

    Blood sprays onto my face. I extend my tongue and lick it from my cheeks. The taste is sharp and good. Screams fill my ears. I bring my sword down again and again and limbs scatter and men fall dead at my feet. The sweet world of revenge worships me an...

  3. Welcome to 2009...

    Elisabeth woke up and stood up. Her head span. Colours still flashed before her eyes. She brushed down her gown and straightened her bodice, grimacing as her corset dug into her sides. She looked up. It wasn’t a town. It couldn’t be. It was...

  4. Have you ever drowned?

    Have you ever seen the waves, Closing above your head, Sinking like a stone in a garden pond, Like a weight made of lead, Have you ever heard the song, Whispering softly in your ear, Calling you away from the waters side, Drowning you in chilling fear....

  5. Bridge to Darkness:

    We met on the bridge. It was the place that we had agreed upon. I was uneasy at the time of agreement – most are when a knife is being held to their necks. I knew it would be dangerous, but I came. It was my choice to take the money to the bridge...

  6. A boy, a pigeon and a battle with death 4

    I held his little hand as his pulse began to fade, To his heart he was clutching a toy pigeon that he had made, And as his eyes were closing he said so loud and clear, ‘I can see, My little pigeon and he’s calling out for me, And now I can ...

  7. A boy, a pigeon and a battle with death 3

    ‘Pigeon asked me to tell you that he wanted to say goodbye, But he had to catch the morning breeze and that he had to fly, He’s gone to heaven Tommy, but it won’t be long and then, You can fly with him in the clouds and be with him on...

  8. A boy, a pigeon and a battle with death 2

    He nursed the little pigeon and gave it all his care, Spending as much time with it as he could possibly spare, Thomas dressed its scabby wounds and made sure it was fed, He stroked its downy feathers and patted it’s grey head. He kept it in the ...

  9. A boy, a pigeon and a battle with death

    Little boy called Thomas in a long-term children’s ward. Suffering from illness and gruesomly deformed, And though in pain he still found time for laughter, smiles and play, His twisted face so radient each hour of every day. He played in the war...

  10. Christmas??...oh...(oops)

    Dear Mom, I’m just writing to tell you how hectic life is for me. I’m writing this while drinking a cocktail in my girlfriend’s heated indoor pool. Coursework… NOT DONE! Student fees… Paying my girlfriend??!! And of course...

  11. Harry Potter and the Half blood prince in 10 words...

    Well…I couldn’t really see it: it was too dark! (grrr I hate the body shortage fing =[ )

  12. Running Away

    I am still close to the town. The villagers must have heard my howl last night. I knew it was foolish at the time, but everyone does stupid things in grief. Soon, bounty hunters will come for me. So I do not sit for long. I know I am the killer but I m...

  13. The Unhonourable Art of Stealing:

    I have said it before and will say it again, It is all in the breathing. The calmness. Though your body tingles and your heart beats, So fast. You must be slow and silent. Walk as though you own the place, You only make noise when you try not to. When ...

  14. Don't look back

    I cried that night. As I had never cried before. I could not think of the cold, or my hunger, or my nakedness in the dark. I could only think of Izar. Hence, I could only cry. Eventually, I suppose, I slept. For when I woke, it was daytime and my head ...

  15. Mistakes

    My howl lasts as long as any. It echoes through the valleys and bounces off hills until it reaches the moon. Izar chuckles and a thin line of blood trickles from between his lips. I lay my head on his lacerated chest and I will not move. No mortal hand...

  16. Memories of a Werewolf

    Izar looks back. The plains are clear. We are free. He releases me. His hand would not have restrained me but I would never throw him aside. “Be careful, Glade.” he whispers, “Come to no harm.” I look up at him and search his g...

  17. A Monster: well...me!

    I still feel anger towards him and I breathe deeply. Then he watches me and the softness of his grey eyes calm me. He follows my gaze to a crowd of laughing men stumbling across the courtyard – bounty hunters. “Not tonight, Glade,” h...

  18. Escaping from myself...

    There are so many people around me and I can feel the change beginning. “Already?” mouths Izar from across the room. I nod once. It’s all I can manage. I don’t want to talk because I can feel my incisers lengthening. He grabs m...

  19. Calendar of a Blind man...part 5

    November 25th: The wind is very cold and John is scared as it beats against the house. He thinks it might fall over. The nurses laugh gently and call him a “silly dear.” November 26th: John sees Tessie running to the stairs and follows her....

  20. Calendar of a Blind man...part 4

    November 19th: The doctor gives John a neck support and returns the pillows. They don’t smell right. John complains, but the nurses don’t understand him. The illness is forcing him to lose his speech. November 20th: The nurses take away his...

  21. Calendar of a Blind man...part 3

    November 13th: Unlucky Friday. John coughs all night. The doctor’s are alarmed. The air smells of spring and John knows he’s hallucinating. He can hear Tessie singing and hope laughs. November 14th: John is recovering. He fought for Tessie....

  22. Calendar of a Blind man...part 2

    November 7th: John has a terrible dream. He cries like a baby for two hours. The doctor says: “He’s too weak, I’m afraid. I still think he won’t live out the month.” November 8th: Sophie visits. John remembers when her mot...

  23. Calendar of a Blind man...

    November 1st: The smells are changing. John wonders if it’s New Year yet. Lucy and Susan pass away, thank heavens. John is cold but the nurse’s don’t bother with more blankets. November 2nd: John sleeps until midday, he doesn’t ...

  24. A Christmas Mouse

    On the night before Christmas, there was a mouse. Mr Snuffles was sad because he had no place to go for Christmas and nothing to eat. He sat in the snow for a while and cried until his tiny nose dribbled and his whiskers froze to icicles.When he stoppe...

  25. Lord of the Rings in ten words

    One ring to rule them all! Worship it. Destroy it. (words are right….60 characters ignore this line =D)

  26. "She Cheated!"

    Last to be picked again. My hand itches. Perhaps I should give myself a little nudge and show them all what I can do. I know I shouldn’t, but I want to and that means I will. It’s running today (Miss Lainey, the cow!) and everyone knows I&#...

  27. Excalibur: Sword that Dreams

    I am Excalibur…and this is my dream. For many months now I have been kissed by the twilight and caressed by the waking dawn and I miss the embrace of stone and water and grow weary in the hand of a true man. I watch you now, oh mighty Arthur, fro...

  28. You. (Oh...and me)

    So, here we are on either side of a table in an room as gloomy as an undertaker’s office. Funny that. We last saw each other at a funeral. You’ve grown your hair so that it’s as long as mine and I hate you for it. It’s what I di...

  29. A Shapely Ficly

    Alone With you Cold smiles to Hide the tears inside But I still feel lonliness Even though you’re standing by me My hand held tightly within yours while You try and stop me from fading away forever There’s a lump mounting in my throat, and ...

  30. Black hand in white hand

    Two children run, hand in hand. Black hand in white hand. Green grass waves. Blue waves stream, Silver stream laughs. Two children laugh, hand in hand. White hand in black hand. Two children smile, hand in hand. Black hand in white hand. Grey rain fa...

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