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  1. Shell of a Man P.2

    He knew he was getting older. His house looked like the house his parents used to own in Miami, because the nail clipper, like everything else, was exactly where he expected it to be. Next to the bottle of light-green toothpaste in the medicine cabinet...

  2. Shell of a Man P.1

    He almost slipped on the shampoo that spilled to the suctioned rubber mat on the shower floor. When he caught himself before chipping a tooth, he clutched the handle on the wall and sighed deep relief, looking down at the drain as the spout battered th...

  3. Just Enough for Now (Part One) (Mature)

  4. Deal for an Old Friend (Part One) (Mature)

  5. The Next Generation Will Be Better (Part Two)

    Janet scampers over, leaving the other girl to sit by the couch staring dully towards where Janet escaped her vision around the corner. She doesn’t look at me. Kids. I hear Nicole crying and I leave the other child to go stand by the door to the dar...

  6. The Next Generation Will Be Better (Part One)

    Janet plays with her toys on the carpet in the living room. There’s another girl here to play. One of Janet’s few friends. So many of her friends seem to outgrow her after a year or two. She’s young. Maybe things will change, I don’t know. I ha...

  7. The Relative Blackness pt.1

    The filter on the big rubber suit doesn’t keep out the stench. Dim light, dark green and brown on the walls. The mask blocks my peripheral, and I turn clumsily to look over at Evan who is standing under one of the few functioning lights in the hall, ...