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I’m a special education teacher K-5. My job is great. Louisiana is my home, though I’ve been many places. I write for fun. I love taking vacations in the worlds of my imagination. Writing is only second to reading on my fun hobbies list.


  1. Dawning of a New World

    A spring wind blows across the grass caressing my frozen cheek. Dawn extends beyond the bounds of my sight. Earth whispers a song of hope, through my barren feet, as they traverse her facade. Hope rides the wind like a curious child and passion runs in...

  2. Eclipsing the Light

    The great mystery becomes clear in the end. What began in warmth and light is swallowed by deep darkness. The enigmatic monsters came, injured, and destroyed. Power flows through my veins, at a cross road, one last time. The masses undulate in an angry...

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