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  1. If

    If I were back there Back then I would have taken it all away Dried your tears Held you close Told you tomorrow was another day. If I were back there Back then I would have lent you strength We would talk Sci-fi and violins Intelligent chats about su...

  2. Title at End of Poem (Mature)

  3. Prayer.exe

    I bend my head forward and pray at the altar of technology, The screen casting its heavenly glow upon my face Its gentle beams-the product of brave men and women Who took metal and mineral and electricity And out of the emptiness Made everything. All ...

  4. Feelings of Paper

    Your aroma draws me to you when I open the door Each one a bit unique, From the sun-kissed pages of a den To the dust of grandmother’s basement shelf, While upstairs grandchildren helped make cookies And grandfather nodded off in his armchair. ...

  5. IST, or Election Acrostic

    Fascist! Ageist! Racist! Communist! Idealist! Capitalist! Alarmist! Liberalist! Sexist! Materialist! Unionist! Terrorist!

  6. Realization

    Time has never stayed close to me Lest it be caught in my mania. Moments flit with impish glee, And I am none the wiser of their passing. Five minutes or one? I could not say My brain moves fast and slow at once There are lines upon my skin today Were ...

  7. Greasepaint and Legs

    “Aww, come on- you don’t want the kiddos to be disappointed, do ya?” hollers the huge painted mouth by my face. The size of his mouth make his eyes appear small and beady, strangely threatening. I can feel the stringy red plastic hair...

  8. Fat

    As I stretch, I remember long bright days Walking when the gym teacher couldn’t see us. Dreading the looks of the locker room girls, With their perfect smooth legs and girly outfits Face flushed at the beautiful young man Who would try and teach a hi...

  9. Not if you were the last...

    When the apocalypse came to wipe out humanity, it was not a zombie apocalypse, much to the disappointment of nerds everywhere. Nope, just a plain old plague that came back with the Martian probe which wiped out most of Earth’s population. As luck...

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