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  1. this is what happens when you are bored at 12:47AM

    This limit is prepost’rous We’ve really had enough 1024 characters? That’s really very rough! And yet we all know, deep within our hearts That this is micro-fiction a different type of art. Sure, some can write a novel, or the most ep...

  2. The Raven

    Once, I wandered, weak and weary, through my laundry, stained and dreary Searching for my quaint and curious purple socks of yore There I came upon a t-shirt Upon which, was a silkscreen of Dilbert I looked upon it with disgust, and threw it on the f...

  3. The Marriage of Hades to Hel

    The reception was packed with departed souls, among other more corporeal guests.

  4. In Which Sisyphus First Realizes the Enormity of His Task

    “Wait, No! I was so close!”

  5. 12 word murder

    She lay there with her red smile as I stood over her, sobbing.

  6. 420 Seconds

    The door slammed behind us, and I sloshed my drink all over myself. The dame was in the corner, giggling her sweet little head off. I calmly sat down, pulled out a lighter, and lit the lucky I keep in my front jacket pocket. The lighter clicked, and I ...

  7. Again, and Again

    they come, day after day after day, the men in the white coats, doctors, scientists, poking and prodding, telling me I belong here, and my white padded tomb reverberates with their words, I can’t stop them, no one stops them, the White-Men, they ...

  8. Stone Rockwell in: Adventures in Facial Reconstructive Surgery

    It was dawn when the rescue crew found Stone Rockwell, Ace Explorer. “Oh God.” A paramedic was vomiting in the corner. “His FACE.” The Yetis had destroyed almost all of his face. It was like that one scene in Silence of the Lambs, when Anthony...

  9. Sunset Boulevard, Eat Your Heart Out

    When I finally woke up, it was with an earth-shattering hangover and a note pinned to my chest. My first thought was that God must have taken issue with the things I’d done last night and inflicted this headache on me as punishment, not “Why is thi...

  10. In Which Yetis Eat My Face: The Stone Rockwell Prequel

    “Stone Rockwell, you’ve done it again!” thought Stone Rockwell, ace explorer. He had discovered the ancient burial ground for the mythical Yeti, which he had proven to exist mere hours ago. “Damn I’m good.” he mutter...

  11. In Which Yetis Eat My Face: The Stone Rockwell Story

    “Oh god!” he screamed. “My face!”

  12. 19th Century Love

    “Let us go, my dear,” I said, in whispers soft and sweet. She giggled in reply and answered, “It’s 15 pounds per man I meet.” I agreed her price was due and fair, and we continued on our walk. She laughed again, took my ar...

  13. Two Haikus from Me to You

    Oh you manatees Soft gray masses, plump and lazy Truly, God’s mistake Pieku: Flaky, light, tasty stuffed with cherries, red and sweet a gimmicky poem

  14. The Manatee's Lament

    “A manatee am I,” he said in voice quite deep and gloom “I’ve nothing at all to do,” he groaned “but float here to await my doom I’ve lived so long” he sighed “in these shallow waters, I can barely ...

  15. Death of a Mousington

    My dear Paula, I’m tired of this life. I cannot begin to apologize to you. I could never bring home the cheese to treat you like the princess you are. I know of your affair with Radcliffe; it does not bother me. He can provide for you in ways th...

  16. A Short(er) Monologue

    I ain’t never saw a body before that night. It sure looked like Jeff, but somethin’ was missin’. If I had to guess, I’d say it was his soul. The drive to the lake was silent. I still had some blood on me from what Don called ...

  17. A Short Monologue

    The moon was low that night. I remember, it was the biggest I’d ever seen the damn thing. It was beautiful, but not in a traditional sense. A sad beauty, I guess is what you’d call it. Either way, it was nice to look at. Almost made me for...

  18. This Probably Never Happened (But Historians are Still Debating)

    The cheering filled the ears of the Noble Knight. The sun was shining behind him. This was a good sign. He mounted his steed. His faithful jousting horse had been with him since as long as he could remember. He had gotten it from his father when she wa...

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