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I’m Katie.
I’ll be twenty in June.
I’m a walking contradiction.
I’m an oddity, but I’m so average that you could walk right by without even knowing I’m there.
I’ve struggled my entire life to be noticed by someone.
And only two people keep me sane, keep me writing, and keep me caring.
I’ve been gone for a long time now. I honestly don’t know if I’m here to stay.

Here goes nothing.


  1. I'll Stand Behind My Curtain

    Dad says if you stand perfectly still, no one will notice you. Dad was wrong. I’ve been fidgety my whole life. I wring my hands, I trip over my own feet. I stumble and crash into people, and then I mutter quiet apologies. But still, no one sees m...

  2. Perfect Poison

    I’ve been working as a companion for years, assisting the elderly and handicapped, and the sad and lonely. Normally, I like it. But Mrs. Cove? That old bat got under my skin the moment I met her, and after six months, our dying relationship hasn&...

  3. Bored with Murder

    Liv was obsessed with crime novels. She read them day and night, devouring Agatha Christie in the evenings, and eating up Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with her her lunch. This love had been instilled in her when she was young, when she used to watch old crim...

  4. You're My Angel, Baby Sister.

    “Don’t cry, Teddy. It’s me, Angie. I’m here now.” “Angie?” “Yes, it’s me. Oh, Teddy! Please don’t cry!” I was in the room, cleaning up after one of my patients when I heard them talking....

  5. Dear Annie

    You shower three times a day because you feel dirty inside, but it isn’t helping. The peppermint body wash won’t cover up the scent of your failures, no matter how hard you scrub. The water running down your back won’t wash away your ...

  6. Observation x

    “Want to go somewhere quiet? Trust me, you don’t want to be around this place when the lunch crowd comes in.” I really didn’t know what he wanted with me, or why he’d given me his number after we’d seen each other fo...

  7. The Woman in the Elevator (Conversations With Other Women) (Mature)

  8. At the Opera

    I never saw such glamor in all of my life. Perfect blond ringlets framing a face with such beauty that made me almost want to cry. Who was this woman, so fair and regal as she sat among us, hardly seeming to belong in a crowd of such ordinary people? I...

  9. Wind Chimes

    I hate wind chimes. I remember sitting on Grandma’s porch with her everyday, talking, waiting for Jim the mailman, watching people as they walk down our alley. There were always wind chimes. I could hear them, and until I grew up and actually sta...

  10. A Two For One Switch?

    Ever take a nap and then wake up more tired than you were before? That’s what I’m feeling right now. I went to sleep thinking about Jo. How funny she is, her laugh, her smile. She always makes me happy, except for when I place my hand on he...

  11. The First Time

    Standing a few steps away, she inspected her appearance in the full length mirror. Sometimes she liked what she saw, and sometimes she didn’t. As for today? She looked okay. Over an overweight body she wore a black jacket, black athletic pants, a...

  12. Would She Remember Me?

    Drugs, she’s on drugs. Keep telling yourself that pain pills are the culprits, things the doctors feed her to make her numb. You wouldn’t want her to suffer, would you? You wouldn’t want her to hurt these last few hours. Mother alread...

  13. The Gift of Life

    Jordan wanted so badly for her heart to fail. He remembered how wonderful he felt when he got a call from the doctor, saying that Kate had fainted while she was taking a walk in the park. He didn’t want it to happen soon, but he wanted it to happ...

  14. Observation VIII

    I told my boss that my brother was coming in from Pennsylvania and that I had to meet him at one. He said he’d let me off at noon, but that he didn’t want this to be a constantly occurring thing. That would all depend on Nate. My brother wa...

  15. Observation VI

    I loved the drawing. I took it home with me and put it on the wall beside the coffee pot, so that I saw it every morning before I went to work. I never had someone who liked me enough to put my likeness on paper, even though I’d been with tons of...

  16. Observation IV

    His sudden outburst made me jump, but the pointing and staring didn’t bother me for some reason. I was used to being looked it, whether it was randomly as I walked down the street, or when I was purposely made the center of attention for some sor...

  17. Observation II

    It was a very ordinary day, warm and sunny. It was such a shame that I had to spend it in a cramped cafe, serving muffins and coffee to the dreaded “lunch crowd.” I always hated that place, but it was the only way I had to pay the rent ever...

  18. I'm Not Going Back to Charleston

    “You stay with us until you can fix up things for going back to Charleston.” His words startled me, made me pause by the large wooden door. He would allow me to stay in his house after everything I’ve done? I stared at him for a momen...

  19. Meeting People prt3

    I don’t know the girl from the flat below as much as I thought I did. I once thought she was cute! I liked to listen to her conversations, I liked her laugh and the way she would exclaim in Spanish when she was frustrated with something. I though...

  20. Meeting People

    Marc didn’t see me the first time we passed on the street. He was too busy, as he quite often is, staring at the black asphalt, letting his mind churn out idea upon idea. He didn’t see me, didn’t speak to me, but I already knew him. I...

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