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“Fate is like gravity. You can jump up and down until your heart’s content, but the earth still falls into the sun, and the sun still courses through the galaxy, both indifferent to your short-lived and insignificant defiance.”


  1. Escape.

    When the tears pool inside my eyes, it burns my contacts. Natural tears shouldn’t feel this way – but the way my heart is pounding makes my eyes throb and swell. The anger inside my stomach makes the acid boil. The ticking time bomb inside ...

  2. Basket.

    Sweaty and exhausted they got inside of the huddle. “Okay you guys, we only need two more points and we win this thing!” The whistle blew and they got back on the court. Neil, the team captain, walked beside Gordon. “Look man, I don&#...

  3. Prospects.

    “Is he single?” “As far as I know he is. Don’t you go and matchmake again, our daughter is too young to be married and has no interest in matrimony.” She sighed, “She is fifteen, I’d hardly say that is too youn...

  4. Giddy. (Mature)

  5. More or Less.

    He says he loves my curves and my crooked teeth but I know it’s just a lie. He says he’d never cheat on me but I see the way the girl in his biology class looks at him; it’s only a matter of time. My friends say I’m pretty but w...

  6. Action.

    “How are you feeling?” She sat on the bed, trying hard not to pick at the nail polish on her fingernails. Even though her heart was racing she shrugged, “I’m a little nervous.” “That’s normal. Don’t be ne...

  7. Imbalanced.

    At age 18 I graduated high school. Ready to take on the world with fresh perspectives. I was dating my high school sweetheart. At 20 I got an internship to New York for a big time company. My girl and I decided to move house. At 22 I was offered a smal...

  8. Jack & Jill.

    Jill sat at the bar with friends and a slam of a door exploded in the bar. A man stumbled towards Jill, she could smell the booze already. “Jill…” the man slurred. She could hear the liquid sloshing in his belly. She finally looked at...

  9. If.

    If Jace hadn’t asked Macy’s mother if she could come outside to play, her mother would not have agreed. If Macy wasn’t able to play then she wouldn’t have brought the new ball she begged her dad at the store for. If she hadnR...

  10. Warriors.

    His armor slid over his shoulders and chest adding on another 70 pounds for him to carry. Picking up his sword was almost impossible but he managed a slow walk. “Anne, is that you?” He whispered into the woods. “Jesus! Joseph, you sca...

  11. Restless.

    Inside, the room was a paralyzing shade of darkness. I sat up in bed, unable to sleep. Insomnia is such a bitch. My eyes haven’t closed in about a month. The burning sensation disappeared, only to have been replaced with a sensation of agony. My ...

  12. Copy That.

    I sit at our kitchen table, waiting for something to happen. The sirens keep wailing passed the house. My heart beat was screaming in my ears. Threatening to burst open the ear drums. Time went in slow motion. Time was painful. 2 hours earlier The cell...

  13. Minutes Left.

    “First off, I’m a newbie at this.” She bit her lip in embarrassment. He laughed in agreement, “I’ve never done this before either.” Her lips smiled, but her eyes were getting a read on him. “What?” He ask...

  14. Incredibly Ordinary.

    They sat on the couch together. She was practically in his lap. He picked out the movie. Of course it was something somewhat sappy and romantic because it was Valentine’s day after all. As they continued to watch, he began to stroke her hair, fee...

  15. Home Run.

    She snatched the Gatorade out of her father’s hand and guzzled half of the contents in one gulp. “Now what would you like to do?” He crouched down to her height and caressed her hair out of her face. She took another swig and answered...

  16. Satisfaction.

    When he was younger, one thing he looked forward to was to be left alone. He thought he had done everything else right. Found a girl, married the girl, had a few kids, raised those kids, sent them to college, worked to the bone to pay for their educati...

  17. Spoiled Rotten. (Mature)

  18. Buzzing.

    The buzzing is directly in my ear. Sounds of a thousand bees thundering together. The noise is annoying yet comforting. I began to shake, but I wasn’t sure if it was my adrenaline or my bones quaking beneath my skin. Then there was pain shooting ...

  19. Embalming Fluid.

    I awoke suddenly, something wasn’t right. I felt cold but not like the “I-was-outside-in-a-light-sweater-during-winter” kind of cold; it was in my bones. I could smell myself. What is it? Have I stopped taking showers? The smell remin...

  20. Television.

    “What’s bothering you?” He was lounging in his chair, sipping his beer, and watching the TV. His everyday routine was always on schedule. “Nothing is wrong.” Lie. “Why?” He never took his eyes off the screen, &...

  21. Postage.

    A little less than a year ago I finally turned 18. I remember my mother making my favorite kind of cake, and my father lighting the candles. I got a gifts, but only a few; a new record, a sweater, and some much needed socks. My childhood felt short, an...

  22. Conjoined Art. (Mature)

  23. Freezing.

    My breath fogs the clear surface as my nose is pressed against the glass. I peer outside to my desires. Outside it’s raining but it doesn’t appear to be gloomy. Yet, the drops merely tease the trees, playfully rolling off their rich green l...

  24. A Wall.

    This is it. This is the test you’ve been working towards your whole life. I skim the edge of the paper with the end of my finger tip. The epidermis of the skin slices thinly, and a bead of red fills the gap. I feel my heart racing. I hear my skul...

  25. Finest.

    He climbed higher and higher, and his grip was so tight on the rope it burned his hands. He didn’t dare look down towards his feet that stood upon rocks. Rocks that shifted under him at every move. His breathing echoed across the infinite walls ...

  26. Some Men. (Mature)

  27. Honey, I'm Home.

    They situated their clothes back on. It felt weird to have items back on their skin. The feeling of stripping down was almost freeing. “Do you really have to go to work so soon?” Her tone was whiney but she didn’t care. Days passed li...

  28. Unsinkable.

    “Are you kidding?” “No, not at all.” He held the tickets up in his hand. “This is so fantastic. I can’t believe we’re leaving this place and going to America!” He jumped up and down, kicking his heels tog...

  29. A First.

    “I have a surprise for you.” She laughed with excitement, “Well where is it? Where are you taking me?” “Here.” He stopped in a patch of green grass overlooking a children’s park. “Here?” He nodded a...

  30. Pierce My Heart.

    They sat inside the living room. The couch a tattered mess, the material peeled away like bad paint. They sat in their usual spots, their seats permanently folded in. “Tell me again, what happened?” He sighed, "I don’t want to ta...

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