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I’m a student of software engineering from Lithuania. Even though my English isn’t really good, I’ll try my best and will improve it over time. I promise. If you find any mistakes in my stories, please point them out in the comments.


  1. Commit Suicide

    You commit suicide. Suddenly you appear in the real world again. Then you disappear. And appear again. And yet again disappear. After about one hundred times of this happening you understand that there’s no way back. GAME OVER. Or is it?

  2. Send yourself to an alien world

    You appear on an alien world. Loud noises are everywhere and you see lots of laser beams. Apparently you transported yourself right into the middle of battlefield. What do you do: Look for cover Look for a weapon Soil yourself

  3. Never

    The screams never stop, not even when you’re falling with your throat slit.

  4. Zeus, so03-379-104-2

    “There’s nothing here, sir.” “What do you mean ‘nothing’?” Captain Mercur was angry. After six months of waiting they finally got a message from Vanir, and it was a false lead? “Give me the camera feed.&#...

  5. What The Fox Said

    A single submarine sped through the air. Down on the ground a fox was skipping through the city. The monocle and the top hat was in place, as was the power armor. “The game starts soon and i don’t have ice-cream yet,” the fox said, pr...

  6. Challenge

    He appeared in the mist. Nothing was to be seen, only gray liquid-like mist. A first real challenge, huh? He felt a spirit about fifty meters behind him, but he did not feel good enough in this new realm yet. He was not used to hovering in the real wor...

  7. The First Sunrise

    The Sun rose behind the Earth. Mark, as the satellite called itself in its primitive brain, quickly took a picture of it and quietly sent it down to Earth. It then turned its camera to Earth and started its work. Mark was the first satellite with ̶...

  8. Funeral Speech

    Engill Firedancer. Leader, fighter, mage, and, above all, hero. I met him after graduating from academy. He personally asked me to join his unit, and I agreed. The world then already was on the verge of war. When the war broke out, our unit was the fir...

  9. Rise of the Robots

    “Stupid,” whispered Lonheim while hiding behind an overturned table. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” Clutching his pulse rifle, Lonheim tried to hold his breath and listen to what happened outside the room. He heard clanking sounds, b...

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