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Another one of the refugees from the old Ficlets site. See my old FICLETS HERE!
Not much to say about me really. I write. I play music. I write music. And I enjoy reading Ficly-Stories.

I’ve been writing since high-school – which was so long ago, we walked to school in 4ft of snow with no shoes on and bread at the store cost a penny… ok.. .25 cents.. but i was able to get 10 candies for 5 cents.

SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND WON NANOWRIMO 2008, by writing a novel over 60,000 words long called: Amethyst: Outer-Rim based on a ficlets series written here!

I’ve been bestowed the great honour of being part of the brother-and-sisterhood known as: The League of Awesome. Henceforth I shall bear the monicker: The Master of the +10 Guitar of Awesomeness!

“Read, Reply. Ficlet or die!” ~ Krulltar


  1. Better Listen to Mommy - Lulliby. (Mature)

  2. Sins of the Father. (Mature)

  3. Confession Made

    I used to think that I had it MADE. Life was grand. Life was a piece of cake. IN the palm of my hand. Handed on a silver platter. I had my friends. I had my family. I had a dream job. I had money and fame. I had the eye of all the men I could ever wis...

  4. Bugs and Wile E.: Retirement. (Mature)

  5. The Aura: Inside The Company

    Milo sat across from the director, a glass of Single Malt in his left hand. He took a swig, closed his eyes, and let his head rest on the back of the chair. He let the drink burn his tongue, his lips and then he swallowed. “By Jaysus tha’ i...

  6. The Aura: The Company.

    “We’ve found another one,” Allen Greely said. “Another one? Where?” came The Director. “Seattle.” “Well that is certainly unexpected. “I thought so, too, sir,” The Director took a long pull f...

  7. Pure Chemistry

    “How did you want to do this?!” Logan looked at the job before them. “I’m not sure. It’s delicate work, and I’m not sure I have the hands to do it.” “Sure you do, Pete. Just take a deep breath,”Loga...

  8. Devil Woman

    “Who’s there,” I gasped as I stirred in my chair. My wrists were heavy; not tied down, but heavy. “Is there anyone there?” I asked. There was silence. “What is this place?” “YOU are safe..” came a w...

  9. The Aura: Milo.

    I hated storms. Well.. I didn’t HATE, hate them. It usually meant I didn’t have to go outside and … nope, I hated them. Always dreary, soaking wet, and when the skies got this dark, there was always that god-awful lightning. And that ...

  10. They Don't Know Me. (Mature)

  11. A Haze

    “Hello?” My voice echoed in the darkness. “Is there anybody there?” I was met with the same hollow, disembodied mimicry. I stood in the vacuum. Alone. “Someone has to be there! Any one! It’s me!!! Really… It...

  12. Angel of The Night

    My Angel in the Night: I’ve been looking for you Intrepid traveler in my dreams. A ghostly vision behind my eyes. Amid my ungodly hallowed screams.. I lay asleep at night Always thinking you might be there. In shimmering light among the tree...

  13. Scars

    “Sarah,” I called from the hospital room door. She looked up at me. There was no happiness in her eyes. Her lips were pale, and her cuts & bruises were obscured by shadows cast by closed drapes. “Can I come in?” I asked. ...

  14. The Cellar

    “It’s very dark, Mandy. We shouldn’t be down here!” 9 year old Chris said to his 11 year old sister. “I don’t like the smell,” “Don’t be a chicken, Christopher, Uncle Jack will never know!” Ma...

  15. The Choice

    Vlad looked to me shaking his head, “I do not like where this is going. It’s all happening too fast,” he brushed away cold sweat from his brow. I ignored him for the time being, and fastidiously followed Liz into one of the anti-chamb...

  16. The Other Side

    The library was dark and musty. Tables, shelves and unused candles were dust-covered and forgotten. Skulking in the corner, Alastair crouched. “She’s supposed to be here,” he whispered to himself under his breath. He sniffed the air. ...

  17. Buried Alive

    AS I slept, I found the air oppressive. Sweat fell from my forehead down into my ear. I coughed. The pain in my head reminded me of the goose-egg above my right brow. I remembered the scuffle. The dark van. The gag. My eyes shot open to darkness. The c...

  18. I Await.

    “This stuff doesn’t work, Ella,” Jordan laughed, if a little nervously, “Besides, how did a Psych-Major student like you ever get into Ouija Boards?” Ella chuckled; it was a sweet sound, “Oh I don’t know,”...

  19. Meeting Abby!

    It was a sunny Sunday at the park. I was 5 years old. My mother’s resolve was waning. “I am, TOO, old enough for the slide. Look,” I pointed to the other lucky children with NICE PARENTS, gleefully gliding down that fire-engine red pl...

  20. Burning in the Fire pt 2

    She thought she was alone. sitting in the silence. Her eyes spied a visage From her yesterdays. A sad and desperate face, belying his disgrace. A hunger lies beneath the eyes That turn away. “I never forget “Don’t ever let “Whe...

  21. Burning in the Fire

    Finally alone. Drinking in the silence. The mirror shows the shadows From her yesterdays. And tho’ reflections never lie. Her anger never dies. Remembering his slumber As she made him pay. She’ll never forget. She’ll never let.. Down ...

  22. The Stand off.

    “Chancellor,” Captain Locke urged, “I don’t think they mean to answer!” she pointed a finger at the alien vessel on the view-screen. Chancellor Raymond Courtney was a delegate from Earth’s Syndicate; clueless of the ...

  23. Juliette's final meal

    Tonight he decided to dine with Juliette. A final meal. The menu? Roasted Lamb with all the trimmings. The details of the meal were important. Each ingredient made her look at him more and more lovingly. “Tonight we will eat together, my love. Wo...

  24. Best of Friends: Past and Future.

    “I was wondering,” Kate started. “Ya?” Astra coaxed. “If we traveled through time and met ourselves, would the other “us” recognize us?" “That would depend,” “Oh?” “Ya, it wou...

  25. Jealousy's Truth

    A delusion of grandeur which gives the illusion that you can fight for what is rightly yours, but ultimately belies the simple truth: That you feel small and insignificant.

  26. Hello.

    Hello? Hello there. Hello to you. Greetings and salutations. It’s nice to meet you. Have we met before? You know you look like someone, Even sound like someone. You seem very nice. Nice indeed; and polite. I never thought I’d ever meet a pe...

  27. Icarus: Mission Day 1459 - Preparations

    Mission Specialist Cheryl Tripes looks at each of the men, wide eyed, “So what do we do?” Corvin offered a hard swallow, as his breath came short. He shook his head, then shrugged his shoulders. How do you deal with something like this? His...

  28. Icarus: Mission Day 1459

    Icarus: Mission Day 1459; one day short of 4 years. Four miserable god damned years. Eating the same God damned shit every damned day. Lt. Colonel Herb Corvin checked the forward hatch. For a second, he wondered what it would be like to turn the hatch-...

  29. Juliette's Plea.

    Day 5. Juliette moaned. Her eyes were glazed over. Her skin, white and pasty. And her red hair, over the course of the week had gotten slightly dull. Never-the-less she was a striking woman. She was bound to a white rocker; his mother’s old rock...

  30. Miranda: After The Park.

    Miranda had been … uncooperative. She had hated him. He had the bruise on his left cheek to prove it, too, and it stung as he rubbed it with a finger. Miranda had been a fighter. But the more he’d forbidden her food the less of a tigress sh...

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