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Another one of the refugees from the old Ficlets site. See my old FICLETS HERE!
Not much to say about me really. I write. I play music. I write music. And I enjoy reading Ficly-Stories.

I’ve been writing since high-school – which was so long ago, we walked to school in 4ft of snow with no shoes on and bread at the store cost a penny… ok.. .25 cents.. but i was able to get 10 candies for 5 cents.

SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND WON NANOWRIMO 2008, by writing a novel over 60,000 words long called: Amethyst: Outer-Rim based on a ficlets series written here!

I’ve been bestowed the great honour of being part of the brother-and-sisterhood known as: The League of Awesome. Henceforth I shall bear the monicker: The Master of the +10 Guitar of Awesomeness!

“Read, Reply. Ficlet or die!” ~ Krulltar


  1. On The Prowl

    They milled around her. Touching her. Taking pictures, and swabs. It was disgraceful, even disrespectful to soil her. He’d left her on the fire-escape last night. She had been reluctant at first. Crystal was her name. Well, not her real name, but...

  2. Night Flight pt 2

    “Oh my,” Tanin was aghast with horror as he flew headlong into a giant arachnid web. “Tanin!” Falina’s little voice cried, as she flapped her arms through the air nearly losing flight. She turned back around to see Tanin s...

  3. Night Flight

    Falina made a loud whipser, “Wait, Tanin, not yet. No!” “Aw, come on, Falina,” his little hands clapped, and his wings were aflutter, “I can’t wait. What’s with a little sunshine?” “Oh no, we canno...

  4. Key Witness

    My eyes opened. Pure, pitch darkness. I found myself unconsciously holding my breath and as my lungs screamed for air, I took in a sharp gulp, tasting the dirt and dust. There were no sounds but that of my gasps for air. There was no light. There was n...

  5. Ultimatum. (Mature)

  6. New Years Eve: 1879

    The party was lavish; rich. The quartet played Beethoven by candle-light while the party-goers milled about in dance. Thomas stood alone staring at the moon on the balcony. “Another year!” he whispered to himself, “And what have I ac...

  7. The Formula

    Cambridge looked at Smith, “Did you get it?” “What?” Smith was pouring over the data. He looked up with a stunned visage, rubbing his eyes. “Did you get it?” “Get what?” “The answer!” Cambridg...

  8. Darkness

    “So, I went,” “And?” “And… it was terrible!” There was silence. Judy swallowed, and sighed, “Terrible? Really?” Sandy nodded, “Ya,” a tear fell, " Uhm.. it was .. they…" ...

  9. The Challenge

    “I can’t do it!!” Amanda said. Thomas stood over her, connected to the neural projector, “There is no one else, Mandy, that CAN do it. You have to close the door,” “I can’t!!!” “Then, we’re fu...

  10. Justice By Any Other Name.

    “Did you get the call?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. “So?” “So?” “Are you going to do it?” she pressed. I shrugged, “Maybe. I’m not sure, really!” “You have to do it!&#...

  11. The Mysterious Call.

    Hal stormed from his hotel, eying his watch. “Christ I’m going to be late!” His cell phone chirped. “Ya, I’m on my way goddamnit,” He pushed the ‘Answer’ button, “Ya, hello?” “Mr. Kurtz...

  12. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 9

    The crypt was cold, and damp. The further Leo and Jeff got from the main entrance, the darker it became. There were no other sounds other than a deep whooshing sound as Lara Brown blurred past them in a way that was impossible for a human being to move...

  13. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 8 (Mature)

  14. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 7

    “They’re not going in there are they?” Carl asked. As he spoke, on the monitor, Leo pried the door open. His hands went over his head as the doors swung open, and in the doorway stood Lara Brown. Her hands were at her sides, and her e...

  15. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 6

    The image on the monitor went dark for a moment as white bits of static took over most of the image. Jeff’s voice shouted, “Jesus Christ! Oh Christ! Did you …” he was cut off as he fell back over something, and fell to the groun...

  16. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 5

    “Are you getting this?” Leo’s voice was excited. The picture was jostled as Jeff lifted the camera onto his shoulder, and put a large crypt-house into focus. The stone was old and pock-marked with dew and moss. Leo commented, "We...

  17. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt4

    The crew crowded closer to the montior, “I don’t get what’s so fascinating with this tape?” Engineer, Carl Twipp said. “Someone dropped it at the post-office in Salem last night and mailed it to us. We haven’t heard ...

  18. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 3

    “Is it just me, or is it getting cold?” Leo, on the monitor said, pulling his suit jacket tighter about him. Jeff’s voice behind the camera came through, as they walked following the girl; the camera captured her from just below Jeff&...

  19. The Ghost of Lara Brown pt2

    The crew jumped back from the monitor, each one of them yelping in their own way. “Rewind that,” said one. “No, just let it play!” Nina Sanchez said. On the monitor, Leo Castronopoulis remained, ever the intrepid reporter, likel...

  20. The Ghost of Lara Brown

    The cast and crew of News ON Six were glued to the monitor as events unfolded. Director, Nina Sanchez walked into the studio, “IS this Leo’s bit?” “Ya,” answered an intern. “Jesus,” Nina whispered. They watched...

  21. Riley! [Retro Ficlet Challenge] (Mature)

  22. Invisible! [Retro Ficlet Challenge]

    The mirror never lies. That is why she never looks into it. But it’s high-time she faced herself and the damage he’d done. Gaining courage from the blood-stained porcelain sink, she looks up at a battered version of herself. A left eye is swollen s...

  23. Dreams of Avalon (Song I Wrote Dedicated To Jesi)

    Walking down the boulevard Making my way through Scotland Yard Finding the place where we first kissed And through the crowd I thought I caught a glimpse Stopping fast, I felt my heart began to race, Looking ’round, I swore that I had seen your f...

  24. Bayou Borderline

    When you venture down the ol’ Mill Road. Fixin’ for some Moonshine. There you’ll find the little witchy woman With voodoo on her mind. She’ll seduce you with chocolate kiss (and) Strawberries and Wine. There’s a spell on h...

  25. Getting Old(er)

    “How old again?”Jeremy quipped, sarcasm and mirth tipping his lips smartly. “40,” Al replied, “and don’t get all smart with me; I’m as fit as anyone 10 years younger, believe me,” “Uh, huh!” J...

  26. Finding VerseNet

    The east side of New London was in shambles. ON the outside, the smoke rising from the sewer grates was a nauseating fume. Overground, East-New London was a shell of its former self. Below the streets was where you found VerseNet. Link scanned the rubb...

  27. Seeking Guyus. [Cyberpunk Challenge]

    “You look awesome tonight, Link,” Merc was licking his chops through the OcWave. “You’re just saying that because your implant is faulty,” Link cooed. “I’ll have you know this Oc is the best you can get this si...

  28. The Vision

    Try as she might, Faith fought slumber as she stared out of the window, watching the suburbs of Toronto blur away as her train traveled North-East bound towards the capital. The warmth of the cabin, combined with the monotonous clickitty-clack of the t...

  29. Faith Made the Train.

    Faith ran never looking back at a the dark suited man. Something about that man did not sit right. Forget that he seemed to know who she was. Or what had happened: that was all scary enough. What irked her even more was that she could not get a read on...

  30. The faceless man

    I hadn’t met Faith yet. Truth be told, I didn’t even know she existed. Well, not in the purest sense, anyways. By the beginning of April of 2009, Faith was nothing more than a vision amidst the fog in my own mind. I didn’t know who I ...

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