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  1. ICFU 11

    Struggling, Septer grappled at her belly hose. Her hand kept swinging past it until it finally connected with it and she closed her fist around its ribbing. Septer strained to pull it until the hose popped out and whipped out of her hand onto the floor...

  2. ICFU9 (Mature)

  3. ICFU7

    Septer backed away. She just made out the movement of the tentacles coming after her through the fogging on her helmet from her screaming. She lept for her ship’s airlock. Though a couple hundred meters away, it took a while as the comet’s ...

  4. ICFU5

    Septer froze. Something wasn’t right, but she couldn’t place it. It was only when the gunk Denny had been throwing at her from around his feet morphed from a formless pool to growing tentacles which wrapped around Denny’s legs that sh...

  5. ICFU3 (Mature)

  6. It Crawled From Uranus (Mature)

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