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I’m just a crazy little California girl with big dreams and soaring imagination. I need a creative outlet that won’t eat up my time and place to exert some of my restless energy. I’ll be leaving you all those bunnies that are gnawing away at my leg and see where you take them. A leash and collar are advised as they can get unruly and a bit wild. Regular treats are the best preventative measure against growing unease and escalation into moster!bunny mode. Have fun with the fluffy things that tumble around in my mind. They’re up for adoption because I can’t take care of them all.

If you ever want to contact me, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: All mental injuries and/or sleep deprivation caused by the bunnies cannot be taken up against me. Uncontrollable multiplication is also not any issue of mine. Please be careful when choosing a bunny, once taken, any repercussions are yours and yours only. Return only if you must. Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Crushed Flower

    I could feel his hand tightening around my throat and I wanted to struggle. I really did want to, but even I as I kicked at him, I could feel the strength leaking out of my body. I could barely draw a breath and I knew he would crush my neck soon. As I...

  2. Say Goodbye

    Hear the doorbell ring. Answer it, don’t. Something is wrong, but not. Open the door and feel the heat. Hot, but cold. It’s burning me, flooding me, washing over me. Screaming. It’s not me, I’m not screaming. No one is coming, n...

  3. Walking Amongst the Shadows

    maybe I would see something else… I opened up my eyes, but I was still exactly where I was before. I began moving again, leaves crunching under my feet and getting lost in my shadow. My shadow was no more than a mere dark patch where I had soaked...

  4. Transcending Reality

    There was no sun when Aisling opened her eyes. There was no soft grass tickling her neck. There was no feeling pulling at her chest. And there was no one, no one but her. And for a while, just for a while, Aisling willed herself to believe that she was...