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  1. Revenge

    Revenge. Someone would want it. Of course they would. This wouldn’t just blow over. She prayed, pleaded, as she turned on the shower, hot enough to raise welts on her delicate back, dragged a razor across her skin, and subjected herself to countl...

  2. I have my reasons

    “Here baby, take this.” He thrust the pistol into her small hands. She stared down at it, felt the weight, the coolness of the barrel against her flushed hands. Staring back at him, her eyebrows furrowed. “I have reasons.” He tu...

  3. you are mine

    You’re the [ s o f t ] spot in my mattress You’re the [light] in my window You’re the [warm] sun on my back You’re the [salt water] on my cheeks You’re the [song] on the radio You’re the [breeze] on my hand5 ...

  4. Tic Toc

    It’s been 14 days since freedom, 12 days since I’ve seen the sun, 10 long days since I’ve slept in peace, and 8 since I discovered the pit. 6 unbearable days since the rats came, 4 since my last, delicious meal, 2 since the straps hel...

  5. zero

    Numbers control me. 50/49/48/47/46/45/44/43/42/41/40 They are my master, my parents. 39/38/37/36/35/34/33/32/31/30 Numbers make me crazy. Without them I wouldn’t be sane. 29/28/27/26/25/24/23/22/21/20 The smallest ones are my favorites. 19/18/17/...

  6. awkward

    inspired by old jewelry and royal blue finding comfort in flat plains don’t take orders you’ll lose yourself

  7. Poverty (Mature)

  8. Save Us

    First puff, life is rough, jesus saves, beneath the waves, car crashes, drug stashes, counting stars, papers on mars, swollen bellies, and sandwiches from the deli.

  9. Painted Lines

    she watches the painted lines shoot past them on either side two lines of bullets that despite her luck, they always manage to miss.