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  1. Waiting Room pt. 2

    Panic gripped Harry. His brain struggled frantically to understand the situation. All the while Raiffe stood there with a knowing smirk on his face. As if he knew exactly what was going on in Harry’s mind and found it amusing. Harry was seized by...

  2. Everyone's a Critic

    It was a dark and stormy night… -You’re kidding right? -No, it really was. -That wasn’t my point. I mean, don’t you think that line is a little cliché? -Look, I’m just trying to paint an accurate picture here. That’...

  3. Birthday Girl

    Morning light shines on the leaves of the tree outside her window. A quick knock, and the door to her room opens. -There’s the birthday girl! -Hello Dr. Nwalme -So, today’s the big day. -I’m so excited. Getting out is going to be the ...

  4. What do you do when the world doesn't end?

    She awoke with a start, feeling that she had overslept and missed an appointment. Squinting in the sunlight, she began to untangle herself from the dew-dampened blanket. Her brain registered the fact that the sun seemed to be fairly high in the sky. Th...

  5. They don't swim

    I could tell by his first few words that Dan was excited about something. He was talking 90-to-nothing, but not making any sense. Still half-asleep, I could have sworn he said something about “squash” and “pool”. These words in ...

  6. Always Around

    The last rays of sunlight stream in through the grimy window, casting their red tinge on everything. -NOT AGAIN! -Why though? -I’m past this. I don’t need this anymore. -That’s not what it looks like from where I am. You’re just...

  7. Moment

    He crept softly across the starlit lawn in the shadows of the overgrown hedge. Foolish of them to let it grow so high, he thought. Blocks the house from view all around. Not that anyone would have seen him anyway. The gleam of moonlight on the metal in...

  8. Them

    nonoNoNoNONO! This is not happening! He punches the panel. Lights flicker on briefly before winking out again. With nothing to slow his momentum, the ship continues to fly along unguided. The silence is eerie. Jonn especially misses the hum of the meth...

  9. Habit

    The suitcase is older than he is. It’s hard-sided and heavy, but he likes using it for times like now. He’s been walking most of the day, hoping someone would give him a ride. No one has, and he is tired of walking. Now he’s sitting o...

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