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Humor, observations, poetry & gibe
I’m a beholder, a critic, a jester, and scribe

Types of writing I generally create: Satire, Narrative Nonfiction, Short fiction, Poetry, Humor

My tastes generally lean toward stories that delve into the psyche, the human psyche, and the human condition. I also love satire and humor writing. I can appreciate the talent inherent in “science fiction” and “fantasy” writing, but these genres in their traditional formats are not ones that I am usually drawn too. I do, however enjoy writing that blurs the line between reality and something else, such as the supernatural. Sometimes these stories could be seen as loosely akin to those genres.

Some of my favorite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Nick Hornby, Brett Easton Ellis, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


  1. Ch. 5 - Cognomen

    “Wanna go grab a drink and have some private conversation somewhere else?” Jack asked her directly. “I don’t know,” she replied tentatively, “You’re obviously a law breaker. I don’t know if I can associate with you.” Jack began to mak...

  2. Ch. 1 - Erudition

    She spotted him through the glass door in the glint from lackluster luminaries. She had noticed him when he walked in. She recalled ones similar, in particular one from her early school days, in “Video Bits”. The authorities had forewarned ...

  3. Ch. 4 - Inquisite

    “So, what’s your name?" Jack asked her. “Names, ha,” she scoffed, “Names aren’t important.” Jack stood silently, attempting to get a read on her mannerisms. There was something different about this one. He didn’t quite know what to...

  4. Ch. 3 - Acuity

    As the night progressed, she could sense something amiss, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. His words bordered on intelligence. There was something she could sense in him. She felt compelled to ask more questions, but didn’t know what to...

  5. In the Zone (Mature)

  6. "Incorporated" Ch. 3 - Turn Tables (Mature)

  7. Let's Rock

    “Let’s Rock!” yelled, thirteen year old Travis, as he cranked his dad’s cherished Alpine Home Stereo System. Travis “air guitared” fervently to a god awful Nickelback song, clutching a pair of sewing scissors as if t...

  8. TMI

    Gino Kaval laid back hesitantly in a leather recliner in Dr. Phipps office. Dr. Phipps began, “So, let’s get right to the point. What is it exactly that’s bothering you? Why are you here?” “Well,” Gino began, “...

  9. Can you guess who it is?

    He’s a charismatic character with a convincing careen. He’s a slick, sly, modern day Quixote with a marvelous sheen. He’s a gritty flagrant fighter with fervent flare. He’s the man in charge but lives without a care. He’s ...

  10. "Incorporated" Ch. 1 - Hustle

    Felix Ruehl waited apprehensively for his turn to shine, poised, ready to shake hands with the next interviewer. Would this get him out of his slump? His plan was to dazzle with charisma, proclaim stellar experience, and above all to get back into a st...

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