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  1. Limerick Cycle 2: Vitamin C vs. the Saucers (3/3)

    But then out of the shadows came Relph: He’s the biggest. I soiled myself! As he opened his mouth, I turned tail and ran south— For to him, I was small like an elf. I had failed to fell Relph the bug, But my friendly pal alien’s mug S...

  2. Limerick Cycle 2: Vitamin C vs. the Saucers (2/3)

    There were twenty-four saucers that landed. They destroyed all the citrons I’d planted. And then portals ripped open As I stood there "nope"in’’; My old point of view surely expanded. So I grabbed up my trusty old ray gun, A...

  3. Limerick Cycle 2: Vitamin C vs. the Saucers (1/3)

    I’m exhausted, friend! I need a rest. Though I failed, I know I did my best. Shall I tell you my tale? It’ll make your face pale, But I’m sure, at least, you’ll be impressed. I’ve an orange-tree-type ranch in Los Angeles. ...

  4. Terence and the Tormaunt: Assumption Shattered

    Moving with smooth deliberation, the Tormaunt moved one of their legs forward, so that the foot was by Terence’s right forearm. The Tormaunt’s right leg knelt by Terence’s hip. It reminded Terence of the posture of one who was about t...

  5. Terence and the Tormaunt: Scrutiny

    He did not know if the Tormaunt was intelligent as the people he knew were intelligent, or only as a bright pet might be. They seemed to be in control of themselves, at least. Now that Terence had quit struggling, he actually felt a sense of relief and...

  6. Terence and the Tormaunt: Restraint

    All the while, the plane of their face remained visible to Terence, who watched the Tormaunt’s face and luminous eyes with fascination and an emotion that was by now less of fear than of anticipation. The steady pressure on his chest, directly ab...

  7. Terence and the Tormaunt: Caught

    And then the Tormaunt was upon him again, before he had even had the chance to catch his breath. Their middle foot pinned his chest and they leaned in close to Terence’s face. He was unable to move as the Tormaunt’s center hand reached gent...

  8. 'Bone of Contention

    I just couldn’t take it anymore. This new trombonist I hired last month wasn’t working out. I had to let him go, though I hated to do it with the world in the state it is. He needed the gig, but the band really can’t make music with h...

  9. Strutting my Stuff

    I never used to really understand myself; I thought I was just a mixed up kid. Now I have finally sorted my head out and I’m proud to understand who I am! Now I can stand up proud and strong and full of confidence in front of the world; haters ju...

  10. Tomberous Encounter

    Shel, Diz, and Dennis were exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb under a pyramid. It was dark and they carried torches. They came upon a stone table with an ornately carved wooden object, shaped like a key, but the handle looked like a large animal’...

  11. I am what I've always been, but I never knew it.

    They say life begins at 40. I’m not sure if that’s true for you all, but for me my 40th year was the end of my life of surety and the beginning of an unstable but fascinating journey of self discovery that continues uninterrupted. I suspect...

  12. Entry 26: Three word chain: TROLL, DISEASE, REPAIR

    I have this disease in my mind, what my therapist calls a sort of chemical/pressure imbalance. One thing it does, in this World Wide Web world, is give me the proclivity to heckle people online, sometimes on anonymous and sometimes not. I hate to be a ...

  13. Teaching children about the Beadworlds

    To teach children about the “string of pearls” their planets are a part of, teachers and parents have strings and beads to demonstrate their connectedness. However, they also demonstrate the role of gravity by using metal balls, similar to ...

  14. The Beadworlds: Notes on the world of Kertline and Heliola

    The stories take place on two separate small worlds or moons capable of supporting life. These worlds are connected together both by gravity and by magnetism, and do not circle a large massy center object. Instead, they hurtle through space. Gravity of...

  15. A Word on Tormaunts: A Footnote

    Readers may be curious about the tormaunt, being thus far unfamiliar with the creatures. I have heard that your world has none of these. Not wishing to leave you in the dark, I shall explain. The thing that most people remember from their first encount...

  16. She and Her Shadow

    Charity capered merrily through the rows of trees, and Sylphia trailed along behind, gleaming in the half light, so that half the time Phi couldn’t be seen too clearly. Char was used to have Phi on her heels. They were inseparable, really. Some p...

  17. Kertline Considers

    He had supposed that his capture of the Stone would have been the climax, the end of his adventure. Nothing was farther from the truth; in a way, all his other trials had been mere exposition in comparison. The real danger was in fact just getting star...

  18. Narsit Caught in the Act

    Narsit had the Stone. He swiftly scampered back to the cave entrance, past the columns, and darting around the fallen monolith. His heart was moving at least as quickly as his feet. Unfortunately, the guard who had been just outside when he had grabbed...

  19. The Tormaunt Emerges

    Heliola’s eyes grew wide as the enormous figure moved into the firelight. She had no way to know it, but Pruckus was a Tormaunt, one of the largest of their kind. Staplet had never understood if Pruckus was male or female, or perhaps neither, or ...

  20. Pruckus Approaches

    Heliola had never really had a friend, even an acquaintance, before. She could not feel sure if the faun was friend or foe. Was he keeping her alive only to kill her later? Where was he taking her? She could not understand his words, but the leaves he ...

  21. The Long Trudge Begins

    The faun trundled on between the trees, sometimes snagging his burlap burden on branches. Once his nails cut through the material, but he mended it. He was a handy fellow. He consulted his compass at times, lighting a small flame on his arm fur and kee...

  22. test sequel using different order

    Normally I would click participate at a challenge and add “&sequel=36094” to the URL and hit enter, to make a sequel that was also a challenge response. I have reversed the order here, hitting “write a sequel” and adding &#...

  23. Burlap Escape

    And she was on the move. The bag was not tightly woven, so she could see a bit, but she was disoriented and did know the territory. Heliola was frightened. She could smell the musk of the faun as he struggled off the lane into the wood, grunting to him...

  24. Heliola Awakens

    Heavy lidded eyes opened slowly, revealing a shadowy encampment. A dark fire flickered nearby. She was too young to understand yet, but Heliola felt calm as she gazed around upon her immediate world for the first time. To her left, Liola saw her mother...

  25. Staplet's Dilemma

    Sitting by the stable, Staplet rested his cloven hoofs on the turf and thought, piping a meaningless ditty to keep his thoughts moving. He knew not how to serve Sandretta, but knew he had to succeed, for the fate of the magic world’s sake. He cou...

  26. The Birth of the Unicorn

    Sandretta nickered in pleasure. Her baby had been born at last, a fortnight late but healthy as she could have hoped. Pinion looked on proudly as if he had participated in the birthing himself. The tiny unicorn wobbled its way upwards: a mare, as she h...

  27. Smurfette's New Bed (Mature)

  28. Planned Parenthood in 2278

    They used time tags, synced with central computing. Jan was born at 3:02:45 AM, and the randomizer picked “sleuth” from the list of needed future professionals. Sleuthery needs a longer prep time than some other jobs; it’ll be about 2...

  29. Sprat's Brats

    So there was this guy I knew called Jack. Skinny bugger. Marital troubles. Died last night outside my house. Bummer. His wife was there at the PD, bawling her eyes out, though I couldn’t see her eyes. Eatin’ all the time, too. She had more ...

  30. Terrier Tactics

    I used to know this kid called Terry: an annoying, obnoxious, self-satisfied pinprick. When I graduated from high school, I left that Bolshevik behind me. But now I have this co-worker who, if anything, is even Terrier. He’s called Span, but if I...

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