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Working on an idea that’s tumbling around in my head. If I eventually have a cannon, these works may or may not be part of it. Watch for stories tagged tomthetechnopath.

I haven’t done any work outside of academia, so I’m here mostly to experiment. I’m surprised my stories are as well-liked as they are.


  1. Deep Science, part 2

    “We’re being overrun!” yells the Colonel, “Fall back!” The lab man is already running, calling to the men, “Follow me!” They see him approach a … hole in the woods, and he runs in. Inside, there is a whit...

  2. Deep Science, part 1

    Somewhere in northern Michigan, there is rampant chaos. Men are fighting. “What are they?!” one yells, as electricity shoots overhead. “I have no idea! They just keep coming out of that mine!” yells another. A scream is heard of...

  3. Logan's Bad Day

    “Mr. … Logan, is it? Please, sit down. What qualifies a man of such … demeanor as yourself to work in a fine dining establishment?” “I’m very adept with knives, and I know my fish.” “I see. Your previous ...

  4. Yet Another Mission

    “Agent Tom!” the colonel yelled in his usual tone. “What?” “We have a mission for you. The Koreans are attempting to break in to the network.” “You sure it’s not the Chinese? I didn’t think the DPRK...

  5. Huh buh wha?

    It started simple at first. Just extra data on reports. But then one of them initiated a conversation. It asked me a question. The TX wanted to know if I cared about so-and-so’s friend. It went along the lines of: “Would you like me to incl...

  6. Deep in a Bunker

    “Sir, we have another breach.” “I need more information than that, colonel.” “We’re working on it, sir. The packets match the pattern of target tango.” “I need answers. Where is he? His progress?” &...

  7. Some Assembly Required

    “Tom! What have you been doing for the last week?” “Assembling a computer.” “For a week?” “Yes.” “How? How does it take a solid week to assemble a computer?” “It’s been very in-dep...

  8. Conundrum

    I could get the money. I could just shut down the camera, tell the machine to spit it out, and walk away. No one would know I had done anything. I just touched the machine, that’s all. It’s all I have to do to get cash. They can’t tra...

  9. An Introduction

    I like my den. It’s where I spend most of my time these days. Not a cave. Den. Caves are dark and spooky. Dens are warm and comforting. I get out sometimes. There’s a nice Chinese buffet down the street I’ll often have lunch at. Of co...

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