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“29 I should have known better” – Gin Blossoms

As a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, I’m kinda stuck there. Goonies, Gremlins, Die Hard and Major Leauge. Just don’t ask me to wear a Bandana.


  1. 30 Second Blog: 29 Seconds (Mature)

  2. 30 Second Blog: Stolen Sandles Part 2

    All my sandles were gone this morning. I don’t know what I’m going to do. OMG my dad said I could have some money to buy new ones. Daddy has been so nice since I had to move home after Phillip dumped me.

  3. 30 Second Blog: Stolen Sandles

    Someone stole my Sandles. It’s ok I have a spare pair. Actually I have about 10 spare pair. What a great day one of them hasent been out of the box yet. Dibs.

  4. 30 Second Blog: Lotion

    So that guy was back badmouthing sandles. I just love my Delete key. Get a grip man its my blog I’ll talk about what I want. Sandles make my toes all red and harsh. I need to go put some lotion on them.

  5. 30 Second Blog: G Rated

    Some guy commented today that I should “shut my piehole up about sandles.” Except he used dirty words. Well I deleted his comment. Just for that Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles Sandles...

  6. 30 Second Blog: This is Fun

    Sandles, what a strange name. so I understand why they called them sand, but why “les” why not Sandstompers or Sand"oes" maybe even Sandies. Sandles sounds like something you should eat.

  7. 30 Second Blog: That Clap Sound

    What if sandles didn’t make that awful sound? Then you could sneak up on people. Well as long as you don’t fall down as much as I do when I wear them.

  8. 30 Second Blog: Holes for Sand

    Sandles should have holes for sand to fall out. Can you imagine if you never got sand stuck under your foot.

  9. 30 Second Blog: Return of the thing that goes between your toes.

    So some sandles don’t have a thing between your toes. How do they stay on? Is there a sticky thing somewhere. I don’t want sticky stuff on my toes.

  10. Blogs and Stuff

    What is a blog? Am I the only one not in the know? Well from what my friend tells me you just talk about whatever is on your mind. I think I’ll start one.

  11. 30 Second Blog

    So today I was thinking… Sandles, how weird, that thing that goes between your toes.

  12. Love Letter to a Cylon

    Dearest Grace Park, I’ve been watching you for a while now. I know your not a real Cylon and thats a shame, but at least I can tell you how amazing you are without getting blown up or something. My friends and I have all sent letters to Ron on yo...

  13. September 2011

    As for September 11th. I was working that day. I have been a patriot alot longer. Shamefull things happened that day and on the ones following. Suddenly there were so many flags posted on the doors of every house on the street. The cars in the driveway...

  14. My Daughter

    It’s been a year and my life has changed. I’m a father now. My daughter cries alot, and poops alot but she makes me happy,,, alot? Wouldn’t trade her for anything. Children sure do make life more complicated. She’s mine, my wif...

  15. 15 Words: Part 29

    Suddenly a man stood up and said “This isn’t working out like I planned.”

  16. Buttons

    Jen pressed the red button. Marcus said, “See it’s fun, now keep pressing, one of these must stop it.” “Well, I guess there are only the two.” “Ejecting escape pod.” Jen grabbed Marcus and swung him into a smal...

  17. Marriage, The Flip Side

    “Honey, I’m Home!” “Honey.” “Sweetheart.” “Hold on Grey’s Anatomy.” “But I have good news” “Huhh. Let me pause the TIVO. What?” “I got that Job with -.” ...

  18. My Day In 10 Words

    Games, Ghostbusters and Hamburgers. -———————————————————————————All in all a good day.

  19. Flint Key

    I met a man who was made of radio waves. Let me tell you the story. My friend Sam wanted to see all the information flying above our heads. His interest was in what it looks like before we decode it. The experiment began 16 years ago. Last night, 2 am,...

  20. 15 Words: Part 26

    Hands! Carlos put an envelope in his pocket, just as the police fiered, Carlos fell.

  21. Star Wars Best 10 Words

    In a galaxy far far away… ………………………….. ………………………….. Lived happily ever after.

  22. 15 words Part 22

    Carlos should have been here by now. This was not good. “Jack and Coke please.”

  23. Zombie Squirrel Brigade

    Picking myself up off the floor, I decide it’s time to leave town. With the corpse of my wife still warm in the bedroom, I think to the mice I hear in the walls, and what they would do to me if they got through. Zombie cats were hard enough to de...

  24. 15 words: Part 20

    Beer and broads, this seemed to sum up his life. Carlos could stash the body.

  25. Labeled "Killer Revenge"

    Black. Blood. Tears. My wife wept as she felt the life slipping from my body. I had not meant for things to end this way, yet I had known they would have to. As the shot rang, I felt the warm trickle of blood on my chest. The gun slipped from my hand...

  26. Rise of the Zombie Cats

    Bloody paw prints just inside the door. My God, the zombies have made it into my house. I left my wife alone this morning to venture out for food. Picking up a bat for protection, I slowly open the bedroom door. Our two cats are neck-deep inside my wif...

  27. How Wil Wheaton Changed My Life

    For my birthday every year I buy myself a gift. This past year, Star Trek (the new movie) came out two day before my birthday. So, knowing I would recieve the movie, I bought Star Trek: ToS Ssn.1. By Christmas I had finished and recieved Ssn 2&3 as...

  28. Year 5, Chapter 6, Part 4, Section IIX

    I sat upright as only someone as accomplished as I am is able. This was a satisfactory movement for me, as my standards had finally begun to firm in their perfection. Training myself to be as superior as I am now has always been a hard task. As I turn...

  29. Another Surfer's Blues

    Tagging an empty website is like kissing your sister. It seems like a good idea until your parents find out. What? Wow, that’s horrible. Maybe I should be ashamed. Wait. I was getting to something. The website. Right. I was surfing the web when I...

  30. Cats, Peanut Butter and Envy

    They had been told to be good, and, as a preemptive measure, they had been rewarded with an early dinner. But somehow there was a feeling of distrust between the two felines. Cats: Fickle yet compassionate creatures. Just a little daring, with an abund...

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