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Just a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve!

BE VICIOUS, Critique me, I won’t cry!
From nothing, to greatness, that is my goal!

As a poet, I am trying to enter into a new realm -story writing…
“This is me at my most masochistic”


  1. Distorted Reality

    I awoke to the hot sun on my face. Though early morning it was warmer than mid day. He reached his hand out at me. I just went with it. I haven’t seen Matt for over 12 years, and we both look as young as that day. It was a new day. Perhaps all I ...

  2. DEAR GOD (Mature)

  3. God will always be dead to me

    The lights on his face reflected. Showing every little stubble as his eyes pierced through me. His words had a way. They touched my heart. Made my soul feel free. A distant love, like an idol, yet just a girl. We sat in the car as I looked to him. H...

  4. My Independence Day (Mature)

  5. Self Loathing Hate, distaste and distrust (Mature)

  6. At peace with the unknown

    The night sky was engulfed by yearly meteor showers. I stood there watching immense beauty be taken over by fear in an instant. An intense red flash filled the night sky as the ground beneath me begun to shake. I stood there alone as my family slept in...

  7. Daniels Goodbye I (part1 Nov 2011) (Mature)

  8. Daniels Goodbye I (part2 Nov 2011) (Mature)

  9. Daniels Goodbye II (2012)

    You made me weak where I once had strengths years later still bring me to my knees a slap to the face constantly a message taunting me just a hello you say its more than just that today its you reaching out to break my life as you did years before You ...

  10. Vanquish vs. Triumphant

    As I sat on a rock sounds of shuffling all about HOW can I sit and pout with with this flying around? Frustrations fill my body pain fills my brain Turning around standing still doing nothing to stop this irritation I told him Starbucks two past six-f...

  11. The Making of a Musical Genius

    All you could hear was flipping through paper. It sounded like the shuffle of a casino deck of cards. His eyes never wandered from this magical thing. He laughed. Sitting quietly on a bed for hours. Nothing but wonder in his eyes. As his senses heighte...

  12. Lust revenge-re-write, obsession II! (Mature)

  13. Lust revenge-re-write, obsession!

    These weekends on the job became an every day affair. His wife was now three states over. He, a romantic, just hoped deep down inside she would come back with the kids and just love him. For whatever reason, after having four kids the oldest was three ...

  14. The Apprentice, re-write (Mature)

  15. Death of my Imagination

    I sat one night, gun cocked at my side, nothing in sight just my screen and I. Sleepless encounters drove me to such madness’s which trickled into my dreams. The madness grew each waking moment of each work-less day. No progression, no muse. The ...

  16. DAMN YOU

    My love strikes fear in you shaking – our first kiss Years pass fear of losing fear of cheating cease to exist lines are crossed Where love was blind Is now where love was lost Your love so deceiving I led life believing Letting go of our love w...

  17. "To the hair of the dog that bit ya"

    I awoke to the tapping in a distance hooves on an old dirt road lifting my head to see my lips stuck where my face slumbered Covered in drool black dye spotted my cheek A man yelled to me I jumped taken with surprise He walked over handing me a flask Y...

  18. Eaten Alive

    Tonight I dine on destiny but on the back of a tired worn out firefly she pushes on in the night no rest no sight we enter a zone of haste The bugs all about as if to feast on the stars yet they shine on for god knows how long destiny is calling as I ...

  19. Hate Everything (Mature)

  20. Strippers (Mature)

  21. Battle for life

    Dear Penelope, After mother passed away they brought us together to this shelter. You have been adopted. I have not. They scheduled my death, 3.2. this year. I will not die, I promise. 3.3 Yesterday they had me in a chamber-ten others. Suddenly clouds...

  22. Adopted(the let down)

    Steven got news he would be going to meet his long lost brother. Every day he told friends how he was thrown in a trash can by his own mom when he was months old. Luckily for him, a caravan of Canadians stopped, hearing him cry, took him home. He grew ...

  23. Lust's revenge

    These weekends on the job, became an every day thing eventually. His wife already was three states over, he, a romantic just hoped deep down inside she would come back with the kids and just love him. For whatever reason, after having 4 kids the oldest...

  24. Its just pizza!? (the apprentice's beginning III)

    A few weeks passed since she begun working for the union. With the other journeyman walking off the job, they were stuck working together. He worked her harder than any other, because he didn’t want the others to think anything. When most of the ...

  25. Seems unheard of (the apprentice's beginning)

    First day on the job, she noticed him, with his shirt off, as her girlfriend came to meet up for lunch. “oooh La la who is HE!!’ “girl shut your mouth, lets go” she said back as they giggled like school girls. Her girlfriend re...

  26. Puppy Love (The Apprentice beginning II)

    Walking her to the car, they began talking, he couldn’t help notice how she looked at him. Her eyes, big, glossy, full of life, desire. Interrupting him, she said ‘You know, if you want, I was staying in town tonight, and could use some com...

  27. Diary of sleepless nights (Mature)

  28. Friend (Mature)

  29. Stuffing the Peacock (Mature)

  30. The Apprentice (Mature)

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