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  1. The Chronomechs (7)

    Persephone pulled her small, white hand away from his as she left the unfinished sentence hang in the air. Through the window of the carriage Lucian tried to orient himself with where they might be in the city, but because of the riot of snow he couldn...

  2. The Chronomechs (6)

    “Don’t open it yet,” the woman gently implored. She stood next to him naked but wrapped in her white, fur wrap. Staring into her strangely hypnotic eyes Lucian nodded dumbly, “Of course.” Sliding into the carriage seat ac...

  3. The Chronomechs (5)

    It took Lucian only a second or two to tumble into the cab’s interior. Turning quickly, he looked on in shock as a colossal white tiger stood where the young woman had been standing only moments ago, her dress pooled around the animals enormous p...

  4. The Chronomechs (4)

    Lucian burst through the shop’s rear entrance, into the alleyway beyond. Racing through the riot of falling snow, he could hear the Chronomech shatter through the door behind him. With the leather bound item tucked against his chest, Lucian ran t...

  5. The Chronomechs (3)

    Pushing him forward the old man shouted, “Run you fool…Run!” Lucian stumbled through his shop, wooden counter-tops flashing past him as he ran for his life. He could hear each hissing, thundering step of the Chronomech as it burst thr...

  6. The Chronomechs (2)

    Lucian straightened up and gently removed the man’s hands from his lapel, “I don’t see-” “Quiet you fool,” the old man spun around and pulled the shade down tight over the door. Then whispering to Lucian he added, &#...

  7. The Chronomechs

    Lucian sat back at his desk and slowly pulled off his glasses. It had been a slow day and no one had ventured into his shop for the past two hours. Rising from his chair the young man walked over to the door and looked out at the snow filled, Moscow s...

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