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I write for me. It’s a passion of mine. Give me constructive criticism. It’s welcomed, in fact, it’s DEMANDED! mwahahaha is > an evil laugh!!:O

I wear my sunglasses at night!


  1. Dry Eyes

    Who I assumed was Venus stood in front of me haughtily. Her gray eyes shone brilliantly into my own dry ones. “You’ve kept me waiting, Alice. It’s time,” her voice poured from her perfectly stained lips like liquid gold. I searc...

  2. Reluctant Eyes

    The cement floor was cold on my cheek. My ear was plastered to my skull uncomfortably. My mind swam to conciousness slowly, pushing through the Sandman Dust, and achey limbs. “Are you awake, Alice? Alice? Open your eyes.” I groaned ungratef...

  3. Hazy Eyes

    Scott’s car smelled of liquor and sex. My stomach clenched tight, threatening to empty all over his back seat, where I now was sprawled. My head pounded against my skull, screaming to get away from it’s own existence. I ground my teeth toge...

  4. Illusions

    Mirage of love dances before them Hands grasped so tight for fear it will disappear with light Silent tears fall for mirage of love dances away without a single call

  5. Lovely Eyes

    Scott’s eyes raked across my flesh, forcing screams from my peeling lips. My body writhed on the slick sidewalk, burying small pebbles in my elbows. “Don’t. Ever. Deny. Me. Again,” Scott hissed, pulsing pain through my body with...

  6. The Writing on the Walls

    Despite the writing on the walls, my future seemed rather large. There were no more wise words of encouragement or enthusiasm for work that was not yours. There were no more words of inqurement. The best thing that had ever happened to us was ending in...

  7. Bite (Mature)

  8. Lady Graham

    Leaves crackled and skittered down the street, chased by the wind. The swirling browns and oranges piled in the sewage being thrown out of the windows, waiting fo the coming storm to wash it away. The hartlots bared their chests to the passing men, wit...

  9. Lady Graham II

    Her fingers graced her swollen flesh gently, accompanied with the soothing whisper of the wind through branches of the swaying trees. Lady Graham waited for her skin to reveal any sign of her little nudger. Her tears paved a silent track down her ripe ...

  10. Eyes On Fire

    The rain coursed steadily down my face like tears. I felt Scott materialize beside me but kept staring ahead, not wanting to expose my fear. Scott started to nestle his thoughts in my head, trying to force me to crack under pressure. Though I knew that...

  11. Smother My Cries

    I am from hateful glares and cold stares. I am from misled trust and never ending lust. I am from stolen powers and scentless flowers. I am from hushed screams and one man teams. I am from unshed tears and hidden fears. I am from screamed lies and dark...

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