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She always enjoyed this part of her day, when she could get home, unload, unwind, and eat a little something . But what she loved most importantly was to kick off her shoes. For years she lived deplored. Socks on inside, shoes a must outside. Shoes for walking, shoes for climbing, shoes for playing outside, even shoes for going in the water. It never occurred to her that there could be anymore to that.
It wasn’t until she tripped, fell in love and conveniently lost her shoes, that she noticed the whole world was better barefoot and not just her evenings. Here’s to the Hobbits, Barefoot Mailmen, Coal Walkers and all the planter’s warts you can acquire.
An aspiring poet/philosopher/musician/psychologist/photographer (but not in that particular order) living in Florida, is looking for her misplaced inspiration. Looking in music halls, poetry slams, dark rooms and the occasional open field but, searching the deeper depths of writing. She also actually enjoys being barefoot.


  1. The World Closed its Eye

    The eyelids slowly close on the world to the dark behind them, and those who are still awake play in the dreams of The Creation. Those who sleep dream with it, of the eye on the other side. As we close our eyes, we assume they are the same, the lids sl...

  2. Reformed

    Deeper into the center the smallest of pieces still breaking the light gathers as it transforms once more. Receding from the edges of birth-destruction the light gathers and pulls the edges of what’s left together and the pressure from her eyes....

  3. Expanded

    It expanded, black on blackness, desperate on desperation. It melted softly into itself, the dark surface reflected nothing, sucked all space deep, sinking, spreading, down into itself The fluid tar of introversion engulfed the life around it, threat...

  4. Dissolved

    Water drops littered the keyboard as they dripped off her hands, sliding solemly down her finger tips she dissolved, out of being a human, into obsession over the blackest pools known to the mind. Shorting out the computer, the heaviest of liquids si...

  5. Good Fortune

    A carrot a day may keep cancer away! It said with a smile. Beaming back, she thought endearingly “Oh, how I love fortune cookies”, and popped a broken piece into her mouth.

  6. Illumination

    Her hands shook, as she spooned grounds into the filter. Finally, she hardly noticed. Sleep came when you were truly exhausted, but you had to stay alert in between, somehow. She heard some people had to turned to things other than caffeine, things tha...

  7. The Photographer Analogy

    A light’s been turned on underneath you, blinding. You’re wearing white in a white room and there’s someone behind the glare. You know ’cause you can hear the camera clicking. But, it’s OK. The pictures are gonna come out ...

  8. We'll Know In the Morning

    Tell me Tell me Whisper gently What happened Far off, last night Tell me Tell me Rooster crowing Why is the sun Red this morning?

  9. Heartache

    Break me open and still my beating heart for it must be you before the anguish.

  10. Summer

    Puddle jumping fun, friends laughing keeps me going, even though I’m soaked.

  11. Peapaw

    You feel like a distant memory, laughing man in my photo. Your bear hug barely a brush on my shoulder. I fear I’m forgetting, much like you. Your raspy advice, growing fainter on the tapes of my mind, sounding more like ghostly noises, capture...

  12. Trips, the Feeling of Motion

    Gray morning, light drizzle, cold breeze. My breath drifting wisps from deep in my coat and scarf. The bustle of cars and people, the feeling of destination. The muted sense of being in a place, the feeling of existence. The thought of being somewhere...

  13. Hidden

    Hollow light on gray leaking through windows. Illuminated gold on gray curls. Thin fingers tracing, tiny bones pushing weakly. A jaw bone. A chin. A trachea. Eyes taking in all the dark hasn’t conquered. A collar bone. A shoulder. Tracing you ont...

  14. Time Difference

    A box pops up on Grace’s screen, video stream starts. A dark picture of a girl appears, she looks disheveled. “There shall always be the threat. You don’t know what you’ve done but, you’re against the rules, you’re o...

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