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  1. Heroes teach

    A race walk supplants my typical stroll across the campus park for morning coffee. Despite having tenure, I am stuck with classes sprawled across campus, leaving my shirt sticking to my back. I notice something unusual. Out of an igneous boulder, a lar...

  2. Transsexuals 2: Ready for Ballin' (Mature)

  3. You are my sun

    I blossom when you smile, naughtily.

  4. Peanuts and travel partners

    “I’m in there. 14A, by the window….I sure am excited to be travelin’. I’m going to L.A. and then hopping a bus straight to Laughlin. Heard they pay out better than Vegas. D’ya know?” “Have no idea.”...

  5. Hair today.

    My tousled hair could not be contained, so I squeezed for some product. Alas, it was empty, and I’d have to face the day gellessly.

  6. Award-worthy ficly

    Ficly is about that brief creative burst, middle of the day or late at night. Ficly forces you to choose your words wisely and accurately in order to create something coherent. Challenges are the best. Thus far, I have responded to challenges about a w...

  7. Connections made

    He rubbed his red eyes. “I frickin’ hate the archives.” “What’s the problem, buddy?” his deskmate, Kell Danziger said. Kell was as genuine as a plastic flamingo. “You know that murder I covered the other day. I...

  8. Reptilotherapy

    I don’t usually accept clients without a referral, but my next client slipped in. “Mr. Snake?” “Yesss.” “Please, this way.” I had never treated a snake before, but ethically, I couldn’t refuse. His prese...

  9. El Chupacabra

    Ayer, mi perro desaparecio. No deje la puerta abierta y no habia un ojero en la tierra—simplemente desaparecio. Subi a mi bicicleta y busque en las calles por mi amigo tan fiel. “Panzon! Panzon! Donde estas?” De repente, el anciano qu...

  10. The public's right to know

    “God-damned police spokesperson, " Rod Garrin muttered under his breath and into the microphone in his hand. Overhead, he heard the drone, “…and, at this time, there are no known suspects. Police are doing all they can to track d...

  11. A creepy breakfast

    The taste of his curdled pus lingered—-not like the others.

  12. Baby back ribs baby back

    Ever get a tune in your head and can’t get rid of it? I was leaving work and driving home through the fog when I got the insipid Chili’s baby back ribs song in my head. “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs…...

  13. A hero from the horizon

    Charles “Ax” Axton slapped the dust off his chaps and pulled his revolver out. He brought the chamber to his lips and blew, while it spun smoothly. His heart pounded hard in his chest as he approached the town—it always did—and ...

  14. I found treasure

    When I was little, I wanted to be a pirate and find treasure. My mom was not happy to find detritus lining my pockets. When she queried, I shrugged and told her about finding treasure. “Treasure is not about what you find. It’s about the pe...

  15. The next Oprah's Book Club Book

    I craved love. Got confused with lust. Looked next door. Found it.

  16. Meowch

    I didn’t give rumors any mind until Tigger started acting strange. He wasn’t his affectionate self— he kept bringing in rodentia corpses. His play-biting has become too enthusiastic. I spoke to my neighbor who had lived in town for a ...

  17. Joined Forces

    The nighttime criminal syndicate continues in the bedroom since the Blanket Thief has joined forces with another. You see, I am now being assaulted in my sleep. These are not tiny shoves to restrain one from accidentally pulling hair—I am being p...

  18. Freedom's Folly

    He shielded his eyes from the piercing sun. The night behind bars was little more than contempt charges, and his mission was not done. Back in his home, the bed was neatly made, hospital corners evident, and slippers set perfectly perpendicular for eas...

  19. 15 words, part 23

    His cell phone rang. “Hello?” “Careful.” A woman’s voice replied, faint and familiar. Carlos entered.

  20. The last cartwheel

    I anxiously sat in the restaurant booth awaiting my date. I watched the server. Her stride and the silhouette of the flip in her hair reminded me of my mother. It had been years since her death and images of her rarely entered my mind. I took a deep br...

  21. The blanket thief

    As I sleep, a thief appears and robs me of blankets, leaving me cold and shivering. I have inquired of my partner who insists on denial, claiming that she sleeps perfectly still and has no need for my coverings as she has her own. Despite my regular mo...

  22. 15 words part 18

    Resentment lingered in his mouth. Once again, he had a body and needed an alibi.

  23. 15 words, part 13

    Sliding him an envelope with a check inside , she said dryly, “Our business is done.”

  24. 15 words part 7.

    Change was needed— tomorrow would bring a fresh start, beginning with reassessment of his wardrobe.

  25. The Canine Queen (Mature)

  26. Marketing the poultry (Mature)

  27. I y'am what I am.

    I am an anteater. I am a bona fide liar. I am a constructivist. I am a dandy dresser. I am an enthusiast. I am foreskinless. I am a gourmand. I am hellfire. I am ingenious. I am jewtastic. I am kitschy. I am a licorice eater. I am a marauder. I am a no...

  28. A first date goes well

    We both were amazed at wanting to order the same adventurous items on our date. I thought it boded well that we liked the same foods. She talked easily and rapidly about all kinds of topics, holding my interests. My mind wandered a bit between the warm...

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