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  1. Horace and Ruddy: Friends Forever, Chapter 2

    I sighed and rubbed my eyes. “What more do you need?” said Horace. “These show me that they died, but these are just stories you printed off the internet. I need more than this to find out what’s happening.” Horace looked ...

  2. Horace and Ruddy: Friends Forever, Chapter 1

    At four am, I sat alone in a coffee shop, barely able to see through the haze. It wasn’t cigarette smoke, indoor smoking had been banned years before, but my eyes, and the exhaustion. Still, I could see Horace pushing his way through the crowds. ...

  3. Can the Day Be Won?

    What he wanted was a sword, or a phaser, or a talking car. He’d even settle for a PDA he could use to hack into the mainframe. Or even the skills needed to hack into a mainframe. Here’s what he had: week old coconut macaroons and too much g...

  4. The Breakfast Aisle

    He is looking at the Kashi GoLean Crunch. She’s comparing bulk coffee to prepackaged. Their carts bump. They look into each others’ eyes. There’s something there. A connection. She smiles at him. He smiles, tries to say something. &#...

  5. Finish Your Dew

    “Daddy, are you going to work today?” “Yes, Berry.” “But fall doesn’t start for another month!” “I know, but we’ve got lots of planning to do. It’s an El Nino year. There’s extra work.&#...

  6. Let's Have a War (Mature)

  7. There was sun

    I remember there was a breeze. I’m not sure if it was warm breeze on a cool day or a cool breeze on a warm day, but it was refreshing. It was nice. There was sun too. And clouds. The fluffy white clouds with the grey bottoms, just so you knew th...

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