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Blaubrandil was the first Character Name I used when playing MERP & RoleMaster. He was a Sindarin Healer who successfully led several campaigns and played with great fantasy…


  1. A Seam in Space? Pt. 2

    “Computer, make a complete scan of the trajectory of the ship to see if it leaves some trail behind” “Counselor, can you sense some presence?” “Sir, I can sense something, but I can’t say what exactly it is.”, ...

  2. A Seam in Space?

    “Sir, I can’t follow the course, something is strange here.” “What do you mean?”, the captain replied obviously annoyed. “The course of this ‘thing’ doesn’t make sense. I can’t find any anal...

  3. A new enemy or companion? Pt1

    There it was, a fraction of a second, barely visible to the human brain, but leaving afterimages on the ship’s multifunction monitor. The captain ordered a still image. Clearly, a ship of unknown origin appeared. Back to the live feed. The ship w...

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