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I am an author of science fiction, general fiction short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. I have been published in several genres, including fantasy and poetry, as well as non fiction.

At one time I published my own computer magazine.

I have published several books using Print On Demand.

Spelling and grammar vex me sorely.


  1. Sudden Death

    It was war like I’d never seen war. Bodies lay in the dirt, in the ditches and weeds, groaning in pain from their wounds. There were more than two dozen casualties, most on their side, some on ours. Their outpost was in sight, flag flapping in th...

  2. My Soul To Keep

    Sept 11, 2011 My Facebook Blog Google News reported this morning that another Al Queda sleeper cell was raided and taken down by SEALs. Black helicopters over Pakistan – pilotless drones in the tribal wastelands; will this war never end? I rememb...

  3. Bonfire Burning Brightly

    The stack of wood was impressive. Junior Counselors, Frog, Kenny and Josh took 6 hours to build it. Rising more than fifteen feet into the air, thin poles, stacked teepee style completely surrounded heavy logs five feet high. “How you gonna light...

  4. The Truth About Drunk Driving

    He never heard my anguished cry of warning. I realized too late the terrible danger he was in and shouted out as loud as I could, but to no avail. It came at the end of the worst day of my life. I admit it. I’d been drinking – I’d bee...

  5. The Interview

    “I wanted to be a writer,” I answered the reporter’s question. “I had a great imagination as a kid. Played lots of cops and robbers back then.” Time had a way of cheating me though. Before I knew it, I was a teenager and w...

  6. Granny Gets Game

    I heard five shots coming from the front of the house. Pop,pop,pop,pop,pop in quick succession followed by screams from the street. I got up from my chair and made my way to the front of the house to see what was going on, but before I could get out on...

  7. Grampa's Books

    A fist connected with my face and down I went. Somebody shouted, “fight” and suddenly the whole playground surrounded him, standing and gloating at me on the ground at his feet. I started to get up, but before I could, he kicked me hard, sq...

  8. The Blue Racer

    In the dawn hours of “Lizard Day” at YMCA summer camp, I woke up so psyched I could barely lie still in my bunk. It was three days until my birthday – I would turn 13 on the 4th of July. Lizard Day was a camp tradition. We kids spent ...

  9. Monochrome

    The waterfront can be a deadly place. Sailors fresh onto land, fallen angels looking for a dollar or two, the desperate, the lonely and the murderous all come together in swirls of monochrome. Shadow and light work against each other when cool wet pea ...

  10. The Underground Secret

    “I’m not going in there,” I said, staring dubiusly at a cave entrance, partially hidden by a waterfall. Sam had brought me and Larry and Pete here to the piney woods grove behind the funeral home on Divine Street. “There’s...

  11. Black Ops

    I probably should feel bad about killing Hudhaifah Zakariyya Usamah. Guilt is a nonproductive emotion though. It serves no useful purpose for men like me. Assassin? That’s hardly a term I would use to describe myself. I am an expeditor. I dispatc...

  12. Black Ops

    I probably should feel bad about killing Hudhaifah Zakariyya Usamah. Guilt is a nonproductive emotion though. It serves no useful purpose for men like me. Assassin? That’s hardly a term I would use to describe myself. I am an expeditor. I dispatc...

  13. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

    “Come with me,” Death said gently to the boy. “It’s time to go home to heaven.” “No,” the boy replied. “I’m not going. You’re a stranger and I am not supposed to go with strangers.” They...

  14. Sea Change

    My girlfriend’s brother beat me within an inch of my life. He said that I’m not good enough for her and am in our relationship for the money. He broke my arm in three places and fractured a rib. On my way to the bus stop, after I left the e...

  15. Arrested On A Saturday Night

    “Stop! Stand Still!” Kowalski bellowed, but the boy kept right on running. “Damnit! Stop” Kowalski shouted again, and this time he did stop, turning around to face the red-faced, out of breath, angry cop. “Hands in the air...

  16. The Eternal Sword

    All my companions and all my enemies lay slain. Battered, sliced, broken and maimed bodies littered the cobblestones behind me as I stood before the last door at the end of the hallway. Checking for traps I disarmed the dart shooter in the recessed doo...

  17. Handsome and Deadly

    I have no time for love. Murder keeps me on a short schedule. Too much coke, too much Jack, too many redheads; 6 down more to go. Just me and my knife, moving from town to town, trying to make the world a better place. I am a handsome man and I know it...

  18. Once Upon A Time In England

    I woke up mostly naked in front of the Platform 9 3/4 tourist spot at King’s Cross Station in London, England. I say “mostly” naked because for for some lucky reason, having to do with public decency no doubt, I still wore my blue ...

  19. Behind The Green Door

    Had I known there would be blood sucking monsters behind that green door, I never would have opened it. It’s not like there were any clues to what lurked, awaiting. To be perfectly honest, until the day I opened it, I’d walked past that doo...

  20. Flashback

    A bright white light flashes. A jarring quake of thunder shakes the bed in which I awaken in the body of the boy I used to be, sweating profusely from fear or fever, I do not know which. Darkness sears my eyes. Incandescent spots float diagonally acros...

  21. One Small Step for Baby

    Temporal Observation and Development LLC does not have day care. So when Jim had an emergency trip to Melborne on the same day that Nanny Janet broke her ankle and had to go to hospital, July 20, 2088 suddenly became my “take the baby to work day...

  22. Madame Mysterio's Dime Museum

    They moved in during the night. On thursday, it was a drab and dusty empty storefront. On Friday morning, it was freshly painted red and yellow with white letters on the one big window that said, “Madame Mysterio’s Dime Museum.” And i...

  23. Grifter

    “You know what the difference between a con-man and a grifter is, kid?” The old man eyed me as I thought about the question. I shook my head that I did not know. “A con man is a thief pure and simple.” He spat the word “th...

  24. The Perfect Crime

    Business was better than good in the beginning. It was off the hook. We were moving so much product that we were running out of places to store the cash. So much traffic was coming up to the house that we had to pave the driveway. We were living on eas...

  25. A Railroad Tale

    Mine was a tough job, but I took pride in doing it well for more than twenty years. It required me to be patient, alert, and extremely durable. I was all those things and more. Mine was a dirty job as well. From the highway, on rainy or snowy days, gri...

  26. Vampire Wars

    Vladimir Constantinescu kept his back to the wall behind the farthest corner table in the tavern from the door. This table was also the most poorly lit, being afforded only one small candle, rather than a lamp as were those more centrally adjacent to t...

  27. The Quest For Sur Pants

    In the district of Albula in the canton of Graub√ľnden in Switzerland lies the isolated village of Sur, an unremarkable place and the most unlikely destination one could imagine if they were observing a traditionally garbed arab fellow walking along th...

  28. Cowboys and Angels

    “I were 14 when I rode my first night hawk,” Dusty told the kid. “War a night like this one when them beeves had stampede demons inside ‘em and war lookin’ for any excuse to run.” The kid shifted his gaze off Dusty a...

  29. Charlie In The Sky

    I first saw Charlie in my youth. His wild demon eyes called out to me with a seductive stare that penetrated my soul, cracking the armor there. He sat at a table, stared out at me. Unblinking, he called me to kill, destroy anything, everything, beseech...

  30. My Name is Veneno de Serpiente But You Can Call Me Vinnie

    My name is Vinny. I am a pit viper mortal na Terra , – translated from Portugese – “the deadliest pit viper on earth.” I live on an island off the coast of Brazil that is completely devoid of humans, but there are five us for ev...

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