Bob Liddil

Joined October 2009 and calls Digitropolis home.

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I am an author of science fiction, general fiction short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. I have been published in several genres, including fantasy and poetry, as well as non fiction.

At one time I published my own computer magazine.

I have published several books using Print On Demand.

Spelling and grammar vex me sorely.


  1. Applied Physics

    “Today, students,” the professor said, “we turn our attention to the large transparent globe that has been placed on stage.” A curtain opened to reveal just exactly that. A perfect sphere, light-blocked on all planes except that...

  2. The Black Scorpion Rides Again

    Red Anderson unlocked the door at 6 PM on the dot. In the parking lot as a cluster of last minute smokers puffed away, Red mentally counted the line – 74, including a family still inside a black SUV. “Looks like a good crowd,” Red tho...

  3. One Last Drink

    “Don’t do it, Carl.” His sponsor’s voice echoed in his head. “Don’t throw away all those years of sobriety.” Carl wasn’t listening. He moved numbly through thickening snowflakes toward the Ajax Package st...

  4. Where's My Bloody Knife (Mature)

  5. Free Fall

    What a rush. The ancient lumbering C-47 falls away above me as I take to the sky. The roar of her engines morph into a hushed whisper of rushing air. The freedom is intoxicating, invigorating. I am in free fall, diving toward the earth at terminal velo...

  6. The Visitor - Revised

    The night was biting cold, but the barrel fire was tall and hot. Sparks rose like burning fireflies into the sky. A dozen of us were huddled in close when somebody passed a bottle into the circle. I had already had a pint of Old Crow myself and was fee...

  7. Smart Car Blues

    “I don’t see how this can ever work, Bill,” I said dubiously. We’d both gone down to check out a new Smart Car, a bubble shaped little “green” car that we’d been seeing around town lately. We agreed that if one...