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Ficlets is back from the dead. Or shall I say Ficly..? Yes! Where there’s a will, there’s a way..apparantly (or so I was told as a child stands brokenly behind McDonalds cashier)
More for my Bio later :) Too busy at the moment hugs teddie and rolls over yawning Yup, just too busy.. epic yawn I really would, there’s just so much I gots to do scratches bum If only I had more time! fluffs pillow Gah! It’s just so Annoying! flips through channels If only I had the time to practice violin, get my chores done, prep myself for a dance intensive, further my spirituality, take proper care of my social requirements as an active teen, AND write! settles on Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack bwuAHAHA I mean, clears thoat Achkem! (its the iraqan Achmed in me) I mean…I love you.. No wait.. wrong awkard blurt-ation.. Ermm.. Hi? you know, I’m terribly busy, I’ll have to fill this out later.


  1. God's Bowl

    Icy-hot tears it seems, made known in garish dreams- Like a swirling miasma are coating my soul. Futures alone haunt me: saturate fantasy By hiding my joys and usurping their role. Hurting, I burn inside. Parched, though I’m drowned with wine. Ho...

  2. Always/Never OK

    Believe me when I say It’s not meant to be this way; When you’re hot-glued in my brain I tend to act a tad insane. I want you, need you, miss you, *We could be wrong, but babe I’ll kiss you Til the night ends, if you let me- *I’m even chill whe...

  3. The pulse Weekend Continued

    You’ll be wondering What exactly this post has to do with writing; and it is that each post, each story, each poem and song and doodle of thought, is a sliver of our soul turned over to the mercies of the glow of the monitor. It takes so much cou...

  4. The Pulse on Tour Weekend

    So this past weekend (to whoever is reading this) I attended the Pulse on Tour in Atlantic City Nj. The most amazing weekend, for rizzle! If you don’t know what this is, please go to thepulseontour.com so you get the full impact of this experienc...

  5. What Am I?

    Air rushes past as you breathe in Then out and away, caressing your skin. I’ll always be first to know what you say I’ll always be first, your tongue to obey. I can convey laughter or languish. I can conduct your angst and your anguish. Allow me to...

  6. Eye of The Dancer: Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

    Have you ever wanted something with your whole heart? Have you ever lived for something with your whole soul? Have you ever focused on it with your whole mind? Have you ever striven for something with your whole strength? Have you ever loved God? Many ...

  7. Journey to The Center of Your Soul

    Your parents call you out of bed To tell you of a morbid dread. Cooling blacks and Soothing blues to help numb up and block the news. You tremble from your toes to head and try to sort out what they’ve said: You try to cry with heart of lead, And...

  8. Unforgettable

    On the anniversary of Her death, you lay on the lush knoll staring up at the sky – Your sky. You see lucid greens, surrounding you like the rocking waves of vast oceans; you observe majestic golds shimmering with the bond you share together; and ...

  9. Animal Instinct

    Don’t feed me like a puppy dog. I see you as a famished hog. You may roll over to gain my trust, but our friendships’ metal is comprised of rust -Only, throw in some warheads and sprinkle friendly-fire on top. Yup. I think that’d hit ...

  10. Meditation

    Keeping a clear mind: Leave no thoughts behind. Put these eyes into rewind ‘Til sight and spirit are aligned. Let all thoughts fall through. Who’s to say they’re true? The cold facts are never new So why dwell on them like we do? Get lost in the ...

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