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I want to be a high fantasy writer like Marion Zimmer Bradley or Anne McCaffrey. Unfortunately, I seem to be a spiritual fiction writer, but only for off religions. I find that my writing pours from me and I can go back and read it and have no clue what I had written till I do! When it’s forced, I can tell, and I think everyone else can too. I have an obsession with finding the right wardrobe, doorway, shadow to side step through. Faery is there, a place where all things are real, Gods are people, legends are Gods and the more people believe in them, the more power they have in reality. I hope you enjoy my stuff, even if you don’t believe. Just cause I don’t believe in faery, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just means I can’t see it.


  1. Dear Caveboy Billy from God

    Caveboy Billy, I am pretty sure that Mama Velociraptor would love to eat you. You and your family ate her babies. You also taste great and come with your own sauce built in. I gave Mama Velociraptor my blessing. Hope you learn to run quickly. Kthnxbai,...

  2. Water Proofing

    Janson woke up, looked around and realized he was still alive. He touched his face, his scalp, his neck. All parts were there. He did a quick scan. Internet was up, all systems working. How? Surely he had short-circuited! He remembered everything going...

  3. World War Mech

    It stared with tagging our dogs with microchips, then our children, then the elderly. It evolved into drug dealers able to electronically hit pleasure sensors, gamers no longer needing computers, just a jack. Then a wireless microchip. When the Supreme...

  4. Stream of Consciousness

    Click. Click. Click. Why is there never anything on? Six billion people and nothing new. Ever. I am colossally bored, which I suppose is fitting. I am colossal. But still, I am supremely bored. Maybe a new prophet will shake things up. The Anti-Muslim ...

  5. On Villainy

    He looks at me as if I were a snake. A poisonous, precious snake to be kept in a cage. It is amazing how men change when the women that love them carry their child. I am not even showing yet but he is already of the opinion that if not I, the child wit...

  6. Roast Foul

    Chef was singing softly to himself when someone entered his kitchen singing loudly as if in an amphitheatre. The chef was turned to see who had been singing and when he saw a rooster, he made a very excited “Bork bork!” and started over to ...

  7. It's hard being a girl and a super hero.

    The Medical Mutant looked dourly down at the city. This was definitely going to suck. Some fool of a villain calling himself The Apothecarian (not a real word) had decided to put white Phosphorus in the water system. Among other things, ingesting this ...

  8. All the world is a soap opera.

    The world was here, and it was not. Sparks were flying, the Moon was crashing into things, the delicate dance set up by the Clock Maker was falling apart. But the Clock Maker was gone. After all, it was just a comission. A comfortable home for the Lady...

  9. Dear Mamma Velociraptor

    Dear Mamma Velociraptor, Your baby was eaten to nourish Caveman Bob. He lives at the caves to the North and has a son, Caveman Billy. Feel free to eat the boy. He keeps looking at Cavegirl Sue’s boobs anyway, and Lust is a sin. kthxbai God.

  10. Sekhmet

    Great Sun rising in the Eastern Sky, Lioness upon Her Perch, Mother who came before all others, Bearer of the Earth. Lady who has Ten Thousand Names, We hear You say them To our blessed gain. Great Sun Rising in the Eastern Sky. Sa Sekhem Sahu.

  11. Separation Between Research and Practicality

    The Commune fell apart after just two months. Between comments like “Ew! Jake, go put your clothes back on! We are NOT that type of commune!” and “Laurel, shut your hole and go grow me some carrots!” (Since we had no way to make...

  12. Daddy the Hero

    My Father was a broken man. He came home a hero of a hated war. He was spit on, refused service and beaten for his thanks. His family didn’t believe him, his wife left him. He was a remnant of a human. Perhaps that is what my mother saw in him. W...

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