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  1. The World of the Juveniles.

    I think it’s safe to say, my life is a complete and utter joke sometimes. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. And since then, I feel like somebody up there is having a good laugh at my life. I have to go to a different doctor...

  2. A Subtle Change, An Obnoxious Effect.

    Mike. His name was Mike. However, I just couldn’t seem to get my tongue adjusted to that name, seeing as how our teacher called him Fish. But, knowing he would want an answer, I said “Hi, I’m Roni. Nice to meet you.” Calm, cool,...

  3. For Someone.

    To the one person I can ever truly count on. Thank you for being a friend, for fighting for me, for cheering me up, for drying my tears, for buying my movie tickets or my dinners. Thank you for letting me call you in the middle of the night to tell you...

  4. Time For the Truth.

    Truth be told, I wasn’t any good at the whole teenage-raging-hormones process that seems to take over during high school. So when I thought he liked me, I quickly dismissed the thought. I figured I was being over confident, like the fake girls wh...

  5. A Simple Sign.

    The chase continued, and my efforts of learning his name always failed. But I knew he knew my name. Whenever our teacher called on me, he always snapped his head up and dazzled me with his eyes. One day, however, I noticed him looking at my neck. He sm...

  6. Another Version of Hide and Seek.

    As I headed to lunch, I walked with my new friend Cici, telling her about the golden-eyed boy. She didn’t seem to understand why I didn’t just talk to him, and trying to explain it all seemed useless. I scanned the lunchroom for him, crossi...

  7. The Name Game.

    I walked in the next day, wondering where the golden-eyed boy’s locker was. I kept an eye out for him as I wandered to my new homeroom, but no luck. I sighed, already upset about my day. My first three periods seemed to drag on, but finally, fina...

  8. And Your Name Is?

    I found myself constantly thinking about that golden-eyed boy. He had a cute look to him, different from the jerks and jocks that I had despised. I wanted to find him, to go back and introduce myself, get his name. But who was I kidding? I knew my ways...

  9. A First Meeting.

    I found my algebra classroom just as the bell rang. When my teacher saw me, he asked my name. “Veronica Bono?” I asked, as if I was unsure. He pointed me to the third desk and I hurriedly sat down. I waited for my heart to stop pounding bef...

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