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  1. Fork

    “I have a feeling I’ve been here before.” “You have been here before.” Looking out at the fork in the road observing the landscape behind the two choices. Left or right? “What am I supposed to do here? I feel like I&...

  2. We made these men

    “We made these men.” “That we did, but these men failed.” “We never fail with our works.” “We have now. Look at these men. First they would kill each other for food, which is natural, but now they kill each oth...

  3. Hybrid Rifle

    Another piece caught my eye. “What’s this?” I asked the salesman while picking up the rather long rifle. “Oh you will love this piece. Ever used a magnetic firearm?” “Yeah. They have their places. And? This one magne...

  4. Molecule Perfect

    “With new Molecule Perfect Steel” The salesman said. “So what does that entail?” I asked him. “Well, we assemble the knives, molecule by molecule, ensuring strength of the blade.” “Okay, that sounds fun, but no...

  5. Unification of two stars

    A white lance of energy pierces the planet and turns it into pieces flying everywhere. Honestly I’m insulted. He really thinks a planet could hurt me? I know this is only really a bar brawl, but a planet? I’m going to show him how real gods...

  6. Full speed now! (Mature)

  7. They burn

    They burn, because I set them on fire. I set them on fire because they made bad choices. One tried to swindle me. Another tried to rob me. The third tried to kill me. For the first one I only burned him. For the second I burned his friends. For the th...

  8. My backyard.

    I remember when this was my backyard. I remember every tree planted. I remember every flower planted. I would even go as far as to say that I can almost remember every single straw of grass, but maybe that is too much. It would be fair to say that the ...

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