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I’m from Portland, Oregon and I like coffee. A lot. Much more than I like the rain.

Beyond that, I wanted to get back in the habit of writing fiction instead of reports or specifications. At least until I win the lottery.


  1. Target Practice

    The clowns were back on the porch, and Grandma was livid. “Dirty creatures,” she said, chambering a 45 mm round into her ancient 1911. “Where are they coming from?” I asked with a whimper- I knew where they came from, but I coul...

  2. Free Wheeling - Pt 4 - The End

    Alice pulled the camera out of her sleeve and held it up to take a photo, but the battery symbol was flashing. The battery was nearly dead. “Jay, the battery! It’s almost dead.” “Hurry up and take a picture!” said Jane, exasperated. Alice too...

  3. Free Wheeling - Pt 3

    Fifteen paces into her run, Jane flopped onto her stomach and army crawled the last six feet to the edge of the round-about driveway in the center of the Thompsons abandoned front yard. Alice flopped down beside Jane, panting and wheezing, “What ...

  4. Turkey Day

    “Gobble gobble,” she said as she pecked some grain from between my clawed feet. “I see your point,” I said, although it came out as gobble gobble to the men working their way through our ranks, axes resting on their shoulders. I...

  5. Free Wheeling 2

    Jane and Alice slipped down from the tree and slid between the cars and shrubs that littered the non-descript, suburban neighborhood. Even though they had to crab-walk, it only took six minutes to get from Jane’s house to the old Thompsons place....

  6. Free Wheeling

    Alice crept silently into the tree outside Jane’s window for the third time in a week – the first two times had ended in lectures and the threat of grounding. She was sure the hooded flashlight and rubber-soled shoes would make the differen...

  7. The Turn-around Road

    Out past the farms, beyond the woods, at the edge of civilization is the Turn-around Road. I can see the mandalas cut in the dirt by those who double back time and time again, turned back by the ragged red cliffs and the signs warning Don’t Throw...

  8. Dear John

    To: John T. Stankey – AT&T CTO; RE: TM-453 John; I understand the importance of protocol in your time. It has been made abundantly clear to me since my arrival in this Temporal Occurance (TO 68.344.123.T-23) 7 days ago. Protocol dictates that...

  9. The Big One

    Scott sat down, seething on the slick silver settee that Detective Hansen had chained him to nearly three hours ago. Time was short. Long Jake was going to be at the drop in only thirty minutes and he wasn’t going to wait for Scott. “Come o...

  10. Next Agent, or What Should Have Happened

    Lou drove. Not like he did when his kids were strapped into the child seats. He drove like he did twenty years ago. Guiding the new roadster into the first curves of Topanga Canyon, his foot pressed firmly to the floor, his heart raced. It was freedom....

  11. The Red Door

    We walked into The Barn, the inky darkness washing over us as the rich sounds of Santana blasted from the jukebox placed strategically two feet inside the front door. “Where’s the bar?” I yelled at Sal. “In the back,” he a...

  12. The King of The Jungle

    “Come on in baby. We’re jus waitin for some love,” said the man in the ticket booth. Except, he wasn’t a man. Or a woman. It was more of a reptile – dark green skin, scaled and rough like sand paper. It stood and crossed t...

  13. Death In The Sunshine

    Bacio sat at the cafe, her ruby red lips sipping the turkish coffee while her eyes tracked Arturo across the Piazza della Republicca. It had been bitter cold, but the coffee and her smoldering hate kept her warm as she stalked him through the Italian c...

  14. Solipsist Days

    “Please, John, don’t take your eyes off me,” she said, laying her hands gently on his cheeks. He laughed lightly as a smile spread across his face, his brilliant teeth shining in the afternoon light. “Karen, that’s silly. ...

  15. Vessel

    In less time than it took to send a mission log back to Earth, Miranda’s fate was sealed by Aunt B. The aggression in the last message was clear and Ares’s well being on this mission was far more important than any of the humans; even more ...

  16. Timing Is Everything

    “Nipples," said Sam. Will’s hands stopped, hovering above the coordinate lock panel as if frozen in time. “Nipples, what?” “You asked me to name a body part that we humans don’t need any more – vestigial, you said – I p...

  17. Free, at last.

    Few things in this world made Kate feel more free – alive – than the wind streaming through her long, red hair at 80 miles per hour, the top down on her classic convertible. The swirling eddies created horrible knots that would take hours t...

  18. The Whole

    “Mom? Where are you?” Mark screamed. “Up here, honey. The TV. I’ve always wanted to be on TV,” she said, smiling. “Although, I would have preferred to be alive, but,” she let the last work hang in the air, rhet...

  19. Leaving Home

    The glass door slides silently over the well-oiled tracks as you pull it open, stepping out onto the 30th floor balcony. Wind whips your long, blonde hair around in a wild dance, thrashing your neck and cheeks, warning you to be alert. You approach the...

  20. Burnt

    My eyelids slid open, painfully, exposing my eyes to the blazing sun. Something was crunching in the sand behind me. Oh god, no more scorpions. Sal. Please let it be him. “Sal? Is that you?” “Hey, man.” “Oh! Thank sweet ba...

  21. Desert Angel

    “I can’t believe you’re paying me for this,” he said, squinting into the harsh desert sun. Sal’s arms hung by his sides, the weight of the hammer pulling his right arm taught. The handle swayed back and forth, barely perce...

  22. Conversations in Heaven

    “What am I supposed to learn in the next life?” I asked Saint Peter as he sat down next to me on the stone bench. “Well, I know this sounds kind of… trite, but it’s up to you what you’ll learn. There is no magic form...

  23. Stubborn Beauty

    The diplomas from Harvard and Wharton hung over the sleek, expensive desk where Mark Gillroy kept his most prized possessions, including a picture of his mother. At thirty-two years old he had achieved much in the eyes of others; nothing to himself. Th...

  24. Anniversary

    The guns. Mom can’t find the guns; she won’t understand. Mark sat bolt upright, sending the tray table crashing to the floor. The blaring TV masked the noise, but only slightly. He slid down from the hospital bed, the sudden movement yankin...

  25. Reflection of Death (Part 4)

    As the car sped up to uncomfortable speeds, Sidney leaned over slightly, studying the woman, her ashen gray skin draped loosely over impossibly angular bones, black hair hanging in tightly wound ringlets, framing her dead, sinister face. “What are yo...

  26. Reflection of Death (Part 3)

    “Calm down, child,” said the raspy voice from the darkness, its owner holding Sidney in the back seat with considerable ease. Struggling, fighting, she tried to wrench her hands free, twisting her arms, pulling her shoulders back, as if trying to r...

  27. How Tomorrow Stole the Future

    He didn’t know why he flipped the switch, but he was sure it had something to do with the fact he was in an acausal world. If time still existed, Sam Spivack might have said, “It was my job. I had to do something. Didn’t I?” Sam had...

  28. Reflection of Death (Part 2)

    She continued walking, now with purpose, determined to reach the brilliant light, to find the source that she knew would return her voice. Sidney’s steps came more quickly, more sure footed, the cold and bitter snowflakes swirling up from her bar...

  29. Reflection of Death (Part 1)

    Sidney felt the darkness first, the road crunching underfoot, frozen with snow, the ice cracking on the trees far above her head, sharp and jagged shards of ice falling on her shawl. The sounds woke her from a slumber that felt more like death than sle...

  30. Head of Ipe

    Luckily for the Kappa Deltas, the weight of the desk and the distance it had to travel worked in their favor. Unluckily for me, I found myself well within the blast radius of an old wooden desk impacting with a hardened plaza. The desk landed spectacul...

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