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I am writing to see if anyone likes my ideas. If you do feel free to say so, if you don’t feel free to not say anything at all. I will from time to time make gramaticall errrors but dont’ let taht get you down. I have clumsy fingers. Enjoy the upchuck from my mind you people will call stories.


  1. To the Polar Base

    The Captain looked at all the faces, and they too looked at him. He sat back in his chair and said, “Ensign Bridds, since you were the first to stand I select you, now get down to the rover bay and get going.” The ensign ran to the lift and...

  2. A.M.U. (Associated Monsters United)

    “Welcome, I’m glad you could all be in attendance. Now about this year’s halloween…it’s not good, yes count?” Count Acula, “I am dissapointed with how my people are being portrayed. I mean sparkly emo teenagers...

  3. Deep Space Boredom

    Out beyond the solar system lies the Deep Space Comm Relay One Station. The stations main purpose was to maintain the communications network. It was staffed by two organics and a robot. The job was simple, push a big red button every 2 hours, hence the...

  4. Roll a 20 and find the hidden door already. (Mature)

  5. Hello this is...Kevin.

    Thomas was having trouble with his computer so he called into tech support. A few rings and then the tech person answered with a thick Indian accent. “Thank you for calling Macrosoft Tech Support, this is…Kevin, how may I help you today?...

  6. Calling Mercury Station

    “Calling Mercury Station, come in Mercury Station, this is Terminator Habitat One.” Ensign Bridds kept calling into the speaker, but nothing came back. “Captain I can’t reach them. Should I try Solar Station Gamma?” Captai...

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