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I’m a Chemistry nut, but who could say no to a sneaky wee bit of writing..


  1. Justice (Mature)

  2. Justice (Mature)

  3. Aftermath

    The mountains sighed at the scene in front of them. The blood of the battle seeped down into their foundations and rocked them to the core. Nothing of this scale had been seen on these lands for over a millennium, and nothing like this would be seen fo...

  4. Karma's a bitch. (Mature)

  5. Darkness

    She turned and faced the mirror, Found her reflection staring back at her, Eyes wide and hair wild, The room behind her a distorted mess. She stumbed backwards. Afraid. Confused. What was happening to her? The mirror smashed, shards flying everywhere, ...

  6. Perfect? I think not..

    It was destined to be a bad day. Michael could feel it in his toes. He got out of bed, put on his slippers and made his way down to his kitchen like any normal person. But Michael wasn’t like ‘any normal person’. He made himself two s...

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