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  1. d (Mature)

  2. Untitled. Pt. 3

    I began to try and dictate this to him, to my class. Because I truly believe there’s more to life than that 3.75 on a sheet of paper, but apparently I speak in some deteriorating obsolete vernacular. And still, I’m honestly okay with that.

  3. Untitled. Pt. 2

    I laughed at him with a boldness even I was surprised at. I laughed because happiness to me isn’t a letter written at the top of one of my papers with some half-assed scribbles toying with my sentences. Happiness to me isn’t a progress report or so...

  4. Untitled.

    I remember a time when of my high school professors had said, “William, I hate to see students fall down the path of washout slackers, but your grades just do not match your intellect.” He was telling me this for fear of me failing, and after some...

  5. Road Trippin' (Mature)

  6. Dog days.

    Eyes locked forward, he tried to ignore the mob of police officers surrounding the bank. Sitting against the wall he felt exhausted, his arms laid across his knees, and a magnum hung loosely out of his right hand. His clothes were drenched in blood and...

  7. Toil (Mature)

  8. Faded Polaroids.

    Amy came and sat next to me; legs sprawled out in some exaggerated fashion. I noticed her monstrous grin as she leaned over me to take a picture. I loved the clicking noise that polaroids made as they dispense the printed exposure. I just loved the ins...

  9. Treasure Cove.

    I can recall everything so vividly, such tremendous sensation over such trivial things. The sun shone through burning autumn leaves. I watched it bleed out, feeling it’s warmth run up over the shoulder of my jacket. I pulled oversized headphones up o...

  10. Shoulda Coulda Woulda

    His left hook was mean. I barely got an eye on it before it was well, in my eye. The bone in my cheek crunched up into my face, it felt like I got hit with a pillowcase full of ball peen hammers. I stumbled back in a haze. I tried to move but my feet t...

  11. Aberrant..

    I don’t remember much. I remember she was driving way too fast, especially given the rain. I can’t accurately explain the feeling of hitting a guardrail head on at 85 MPH. Or having your glasses shatter into your face with the impact of an airbag. ...

  12. soothsayer. (Mature)

  13. Your Hand In Mine

    Your hand in mine, even after all these years, it’s never meant anything less than butterflies for me. I didn’t know where we’re headed, I didn’t care. I looked over at you, you we’re gazing out on the river, excitedly poi...

  14. Veritable Interactions

    It never had a chance, this thing we shared. What can I say? We were kids. For the longest time sleepless nights had meaning, the two of us tied to our phones until dawn. And for the longest time our days were euphoric, the two of us united and whole. ...

  15. It's safe to say you dig the backseat

    I can’t believe that you’d give up your dignity just to take a ride with me.

  16. megrim

    ‘I believe in magic, I believe in you,’ I divulged, ‘now get me as far away from here as possible.’

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