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  1. I wait.

    The continuous sound of car engines fill my head. Like white noise. I long for peace, I wish everyone would just slow down and stop rushing their life away. I wish I could freeze the moment, and return to it another time. My stomache knots with anticip...

  2. Encased.

    Crouching in the shadows, she hardly dared to breath. They were after her. They had always been after her. They wanted her dead and they were armed. She refused to pause and consider the injustice of her situation. A criminal for helping thousands peop...

  3. My New Found Love

    Blogging is a new found passion for me. Its something new and ineteresting. I remember taking the leap of begining my blog. For so long I sat down with an empty word document. Knowing that blogging was such a good way to get recognised. I had even been...

  4. Oh God Not Again. Please, Not Again.

    His eyes gleamed, flashing the colours of the bright television in the darkness of the room. I thought I was rid of him at least while he slept. But once more he stood before me, he smiled a toothless smile. Was he mocking me? Taunting me, with his end...

  5. The Life and Death of a Leaf.

    Like soldiers they cling to the sturdy structure that has supported them for so long. The lucky have held on long enough to achieve their blood red finale. Others fell. Green, perhaps envious of those who naturally had more shelter and protection from ...

  6. Franklin, king of the animals.

    The story begins before humans even came to be. My name is Franklin, and I invented the human race. I am, what a mere simpleton would call a turtle. Yes a turtle. You thought pigs where intelligent. Well my friends I invented pigs. And no, I do not ha...

  7. I Love you, Always.

    On I drive, through this burnt and desolate land. The once life abundant trees stand dead. The only sound that can be a heard is a single black crow; its constant screams chill me to the bone. Everything is black and white. Even my own reflection is co...

  8. As I Lay Frozen.

    My angel carries me, we soar and we fly. Swooping high above the vast sea. Strong arms to protect. Strong arms to reassure. As we fly over a dense forests, he cradles me closer. He’s going to save me, taking me far away. We’re safe, the feeling of ...

  9. A Discarded Bouquet.

    Who can tell how they came to be? A run to, became flee? A lover’s lost? An overwhelming, cost? Perfect Lillie’s who can say? Love, that became lost along the way? A proposition denied? A lover that lied? Did they belong at a grave side? Or perhaps...

  10. 6 word love poem

    That indescribable colour of his eyes.

  11. To feel

    Envy. She was envious of the fact he had the key to her heart. She wanted it back. How many years had she longed to feel. He had made her feel. But emotion was dangerous, emotion was a sin. Without him she would be free. Without him she could return to...

  12. Choice

    ‘Master, please would you answer a question for me?’ A Soul asked. ‘Of course young one’ The Master replied, he was The Creator. He was the Holy One. He was God. ‘I dont understand, how can there me war and peace in one pl...

  13. The shout part 4

    .Her mind was reeling through memories like pictures in slide show. Happy times: walks along the beach, trips to zoos. She saw Billy poor little Billy her baby brother, running to her after school. She was scooping him up in her arms and tickling him. ...

  14. The shout part 3

    Clair had to wake up, perhaps before she had wondered if it was worth it. But now she knew. Her family needed her. ‘Maybe the doctor is right, maybe there is no hope’ She heard her father saying. This shocked Clair, he was ready to give up, he was...

  15. The shout part 2

    ‘There’s been no change’ The doctor was said in a voice laced with forced sympathy. ‘I saw her eye lid flutter, I know I did.’ Clair’s mum cried. ‘Just a reflex, I’m very sorry’ The doctor continued speaking, but Clair had tuned out. ...

  16. the shout part 1

    Time was strange, in this state. It seemed to pass her by, she had no idea how long she had been in this endless coma. The emotionless doctors and nurses were oblivious to the fact that she could hear everything, and could feel touch. She just couldn

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