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23 years old.
classically trained music teacher.
living the music dream, working at a restaurant.

awesome, right?


  1. Three Blind Mice in 10 Words

    They lose their tails… No, really. That’s the whole story.

  2. Three Little Pigs in 10 words

    Wolf huffed, puffed, and snuffed by brick house. Pigs win. -The End.

  3. Eyes. Attempt 1.

    Josh never thought he was unique in any way. Nor did he appear that way doing homework. She leans back in the chair, “You know Josh, you should get rid of those glasses.” “Oh, yeah?” Josh says, righting himself to look over. ...

  4. chalkboard memory

    I wonder if blackboards feel the same sort of crippling debilitation. Once filled with a brilliant thought or another. Next obscured as the residue of empty thought-stuffs is wiped away by a careless wave of the hand. Just enough of a distraction that ...

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