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  1. coffee

    It’s already the fifth cup of coffee. The dense aroma of roasted Arabican coffee beans is heavy upon her olfactory senses but more so, on her mind. The illuminated laptop screen casted shadows over her countenance, emphasising the fine lines that add...

  2. Speed

    Dawn was breaking but slowly. The decrepit stadium, lighted by fading lamps, was desolate. He bent low and tightened his shoelaces, his facial muscles taut and strained from the effort to do so. The air was sharp and cold, hurting his lungs a little as...

  3. Illumination

    She observed him from her television screen. His face was gaunt and his eyes bags were more prominent. He was shadow of his former self up. She wanted very much to spruce him up. Her psychotic mind began racing. He had always been far away, a speck in ...

  4. Provocation

    The boy was seated, with his head in his hands while his elbows rested on the bed. His back was bent into an arc. Without shifting his position, the boy glanced up at her, contempt blazing in his eyes. She turned to go but he grabbed the tray and flung...

  5. Dancing lights

    The pale face glanced up haltingly, as though in slow motion. Her pupils dilated as if she could not believe he was speaking to her. Then, his words slowly sank in. He thought she wanted money. To him, she was persona non grata. She caressed his face, ...

  6. Rising flame

    She knew that physically, she was no match for him. Hence, she had pretended to be a staff member of his entertainment company and administered a sedative drug in his coffee. It was late at night when she staggered out, supporting the boy. Her heart ju...

  7. Ignited

    The girl rocked back and forth, head still tilted and eyes still fixated on the boy. She smiled a little, muttering to herself every now and then. For her, this was bliss. She loved to luxuriate in the presence of this boy despite the fact that he was ...

  8. Incandescent

    There was a slow smiling air about her, and about everything she did. Then, a transfixed look came into her eyes. Her head was slightly tilted as she turned and stared impassively into the monochrome screen of an old television. Her large, dark eyes, w...

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