Chuck Calabrese Jr

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I’m a 30 year old (wait what?) Aspie, father of 5 , stoodent and kind of a poet and writer. I search for the answers to Life, The Universe and Everything. I am a g33k and proud to be so. I am libertarian, egalitarian, semi-socialist, Super-Sexual and Pro-Narcotic.


  1. Hello?

    I hear them again. Mom said it was just my imagination but I can’t turn it off. I imagined the TV and pressed the button but the people just stayed on the screen. They talk and I can’t see them. I open my eyes and the TV is gone I can’...

  2. I do what they tell me

    The voices have always been there. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe they are real. The results are real. I had no choice but to do what they told me, they just wouldn’t stop. When I try to sleep is the worst, whispers like a distant TV you can̵...

  3. Perchance to Dream

    It’s not like you think, death. There is no white light, no judgement, no reward or punishment. The candle is snuffed and then nothing. Darkness as one might expect with all these lights being extinguished. I suppose nothing is not right, nowhere...