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Real things happen to real people and those things are in the news, if it’s not in the news then it’s not real.


  1. Overwhelmed

    It starts, my body locks up. First, with a mild chill, then a gentle tremble. The meeting that would seal my fate was fast approaching. I could feel the outcome would be bleak. The shaking grows as each minute ticks. The anticipation envelops my senses...

  2. I hear no silence

    The A.C. hums as I first rise from sleep. Off to the living room where the remote immediately demands cool from the window unit. I hear no silence. My laptop quickly finds its way to a playlist, sound drifts from the surround-sound speaker system, sett...

  3. My Perversion

    I watched the Nick Berg execution video. the one where they cut off his head, voluntarily. But, I will never watch Two Girls One Cup, it’s nauseating and wrong.

  4. The Plot Point Kid

    “How was your day?” “Good”, he replies, grabbing a cereal bowl from the cabinet above the dishwasher. “Cereal for dinner, again? Don’t you want to eat dinner with your dad and me?” “Nope” “Wel...

  5. The noise of life

    The wallet he took from his left pocket was thick, the leather worn from age and abuse. It’s only a shade lighter than his skin. From it, he removes several white plastic cards. “My boy down in Maryland does them for me.” he said, thu...

  6. Second Time's a Charm

    “No, I have to go, the scanner says it’s a fatality!”, I said, abruptly ending the argument and hanging up the phone. When I arrived at the accident, my heart was pumping. This time I would remember to use my flash and triple check ex...

  7. My Characters

    When the characters in your writing go from who you secretly want to be, to who you are that’s when the story has value.

  8. Notice of Eviction

    In the more liberal areas of the United States, socialist tendencies have strengthened. Laws have been altered to protect the individual and society over the interests of business. In these parts of the US, the good parts, humanity and civility are the...

  9. Do I get to go home tonight?

    As the ADA rattled off the 6 different felonies, I stood there quietly. The judge was an older man, his skin and hair showed the classic signs of a WASP aging: sagging and gray. He starred at me as the charges of computer hacking were rattled off. R...

  10. The BS Detector

    A man and woman sit together on a white leather couch, deep in conversation. They overlook a broken sky line of trees and buildings, the sky barely visible. Sirens and horns are heard faintly in the distance, but suddenly grow in intensity and volume. ...

  11. Message from the Management

    Dear Hot Chicks: Please loiter in my lobby Thanks. the management

  12. Now What, Let's Get em Drunk

    It wasn’t just the anger that was getting to Glen, he scored bad coke from those punks in the trailer park on the outskirts of route 4. “What you boys doing?” “We got bizness” “Yeah, this bar is bizness alright.̶...

  13. Is this really happening? (Mature)

  14. We all heard his anger (Mature)

  15. Rise and Shine

    I had worked late the night before on a project, finally getting to bed around 2:30am. At 6:30 the banging and shouting on my apartment started. I was startled from my sleep, the noise from the door was alarming and deafening, as I searched my bedroom ...

  16. Dr. Davos, The News is Good

    “The papers have finally picked up the story” Dr Davos barges into the lab slamming the paper down on the lab table, the gas lamp flickers from the shock. “And it’s good, they are reporting it as good, it’s too perfect....

  17. Under Arrest

    As I sat in the small red chair in the corner of my bedroom, nearly in tears, he uttered the unthinkable. “Yes, you’re now in our custody” Detective Darton said. “What about my trip, and work? How am I going to get to work?̶...

  18. The Next Step

    My name was included in the last group called upstairs for the night. As I stepped from the jail cell for the first time in hours, I lined up with 4 other men. “My partner isn’t here and I don’t have enough cuffs, so you’re all ...

  19. Try Again Tomorrow

    “Juarez”. The CO called out for a second time. “It’s time for court Juarez, come on or you’re staying the night” Juarez didn’t move, he was sleeping on the steel benches next to the toilet. His clothes covered ...

  20. They Call It Pedigree

    When she called my name, her podium pressed against the steel bars, I wasn’t sure what to do. She repeated it loudly. “Are you here? Come to the front.” she finished. I rose from my seat on the concrete floor and approached the bars. ...

  21. The Dinner Bell

    A commotion started in the cells as the CO rang the dinner bell. The cells across the aisle were served first. The dinner menu was a choice of cheese or peanut butter sandwich and a carton of milk. The mere thought of both items sickened me and irritat...

  22. Getting to know the neighbors

    The argument over my crime continued for a few minutes until the largest of the men finally ended it by turning to me. "You in for a misdemeanor? “Felonies”, I mumbled, playing with my shoes and trying to end the conversation I knew I ...

  23. Dr Davos, The Worms Can Talk

    “Hey doc, the boys at the pub keep talking about hearing some contraption running in the night. Think it’s that worm we built?” Franklin asked the doctor as he finished loading the stoves with coal and adjusting the boiler. The doctor...

  24. Dr Davos, The Worm Starts

    That night, they took the worm from the lab to an alley a few blocks away, leaving it in the corner, its instructions simple and complete. The worm had only two tasks, for the time being, find the pieces necessary in the garbage lining London’s s...

  25. Dr Davos, The Replication

    “We’ll call it the worm” Dr. Davos proclaimed as the four men returned to their lab from dinner. “But worms don’t have leg, doctor”, Franklin responded. “Have some imagination my boy, it’s more its action...

  26. Dr. Davos, The Beginning

    The lab was foggy and thick with smoke and steam, four men sit hunched around a single table lit only with a small glass lamp and the glow of tobacco and coal stoves surrounding the room. “Hand me that pipe” is heard from one of the men at ...

  27. John's Second Chance

    After John pulls the plug, the project goes dorment. Dan quickly forgets about the whole idea and starts handing John internal projects that need supervision or senior guidance. John continues on for several months, working on the projects Dan needs. J...

  28. As the time Passed

    About 20 men of different ages and races sit in a 10×15 foot concrete room, one wall is solid steel bars. Steel benches circle the walls. “What are you in for?” the large black man sitting just a few feet away shouted at me. I followed...

  29. The Perfect Addiction (Mature)

  30. The build up: That day, I knew I would have to finally tell them

    Like every time I get nervous or anxious, my body locks up. It starts with a mild chill and then a gentle tremble. If it’s a small confrontation I am approaching, it will be generally end there, perhaps my voice will shake slightly, but on this d...

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