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Vell, hez jist zis guy, you know?

Oh, you want more detail? 30-something geek extraordinaire living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. By day an interactive art director for an online advertising firm. By night…


  1. Close Encounter

    Ever sampled the buffet 4.4 light years from what used to be Earth? Let’s just say it gives one a new appreciation of airline food. At least that stuff was edible. I was in the ship’s mess hall, though it only looked so to my Human eyes. It...

  2. End of the Line

    Not even if you were the last man on Earth. She said that three years ago. At the time I was speechless, and just stood there with a dumb look on my face. How I wish I could respond to her now. Well, we’re not on Earth anymore, but I am the last ...

  3. The Pursuit

    Having just been sacked, and nearly exploded, Rafferty had a lot on his mind. His professional career was perhaps ended and now he was on his way to meet Ismarelda, the once love of his life and now the most dangerous person in it. “What have you got...

  4. Pryce vs. Pryce

    “Well, obviously, the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” He chuckled sitting back in an opulent, but not decadent, leather chair. Only then did he notice the plain manilla envelope on his desk, labeled with no return address but, in fami...

  5. Little Boy

    31,000 feet. I am falling. 26,000 feet. In this short space of time everything is peaceful. 12,000 feet. There are no screams. No gunshots. No mortar rounds. Just wind. 5,000 feet. Wind and the wall of Earth rushing towards me at incalculable speed. 1,...

  6. The Game is Afoot

    “What is it?” “It appears to be a footprint.” “I can see that. Surely you don’t believe it’s genuine?” “I have yet to form a conclusion. I need more data. Please hand me my instruments.” “Here. This has to be a joke of some sort. ...

  7. Blowin' in the Wind

    He had been walking for days, perhaps weeks, or so it seemed. Time didn’t always flow at a constant rate here, so he couldn’t be sure. The battery on his iPod has only drained 5% since he began his journey, yet he’d listened to 21,193 songs. That...

  8. Seed of Evil

    The early morning light splayed long shadows across the town square. Most inhabitants of the small German village were still asleep, but several young boys scampered around playfully. Azazel watched quietly. The boys played a ball game (some form of wh...

  9. Goodbye, Blue Sky

    It was quiet. Some would say “too quiet”, but she didn’t go in for that kind of cliche. A gentle breeze caressed her body and annoyingly pushed her hair into her eyes. The sun was out. Warm. Here in this open field, far from the cacophony of TV n...

  10. Antiquities

    From the 56th floor he surveyed the entire Manhattan skyline. Looking out the floor to celling windows all one could see were spires of chrome and glass. The corner office provided a view some men would kill for, and in fact some had. In fact he had. N...

  11. Remembrance

    She walked into the room and began speaking without looking at him. If she looked into his eyes she might lose her nerve. “We’ve been together for a while now, and I know you think it’s time we made a commitment to each other. I know I’ve been ...

  12. And Everything Under The Sun

    She stands there, arms crossed in a vulnerable-but-not-really sort of way. It’s not me, it’s her, she says. The words “space” and “time” are used. She needs more of each. I don’t understand, and as an astrophysicist its been a long while ...

  13. Some Old Chinese Guy

    Kyle saw two huge golden dragons flanking an ornate door. A few wisps of incense wafted through the wind chimes. “Hello? Anyone here?” From behind the counter an old man appeared, and moved far more quickly than anyone of his apparent age had any r...

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